Taking it to the next level

We are super happy to announce that GrabCAD has received a 4M USD investment. Besides the fact that the capital will help us to continue improving the product we are even more happy about the commitment from people involved.

David Skok, whom I met a year ago and who has been very involved ever since, is now joining the board of directors of GrabCAD. David is a former board member of SolidWorks and has great insights about the industry.

This investment round was participated by all inside investors and the reason we didn't include additional investors is that we are extremely lucky to already have people involved that are giving their valuable time and know-how to help us any way they can. Our investors include the industry veterans John McEleney (ex-CEO of SolidWorks) and Jon Stevenson (ex PTC,UGS) and new-comers Andy Payne (you should definitely check out his blog if you are into make space and CNC).

The main reason we decided to include additional investment is that we are seeing more and more enthusiastic engineers joining GrabCAD every day and in order to to build and deliver everything that can possibly improve the work of all engineers, we needed to get more people involved.


I'm personally very thankful for GrabCAD Team who have been and are here every day to make all of this happen. We have pretty exciting times ahead and I'm very honored to work with all this talent.

We will continue to build the grabcad.com product and you will see many great features coming in the next months and years.

Thanks for being the best community.