Taking it to the next level, again.

Three things get me excited every day at GrabCAD:

  • Our Members. Their creativity and passion for design and building physical products is contagious.
  • Our Product. Building a quality product for the manufacturing industry and engineers is so rewarding.
  • Our Team. People make a company. All 36 people in US, UK and Estonia bring their best every day.

We are always looking to hire more great people who care about the same things. Today I am happy to announce two new additions to our team, Rob Stevens and Blake Courter. What did they say about joining GrabCAD?

Blake Counter, GrabCAD Product Manager Rob Stevens, GrabCAD VP Marketing Sales

Who is Rob Stevens?

Rob Stevens joins as VP of Marketing & Sales. Rob has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Cornell and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to GrabCAD he helped build many successful companies - FreeMarkets, Kiva Systems (all engineers should check this out), and Backupify. I met Rob more than a year ago. It was when I was thinking about where to take GrabCAD. I wanted to build a product for engineers and wasn't so excited about our marketplace model. When I talked to Rob about that, our conversation quickly shifted to the whiteboard where we started to draw different opportunities. I was amazed by Rob's analytical skills and knew that he needed to join GrabCAD.

I asked Rob why he joined us:

"I want to be part of a team that changes the world - I especially like taking new technology into areas that need to be shaken up. I also want to spend my day around people who build cool stuff.  Hardi and the GrabCAD team really impressed as a group dedicated to making a big difference in the world, and who wouldn't want to be part of that?"

Who is Blake Courter?

The second great team member, Blake Courter, is joining as a Product Manager.  Blake was a founder of SpaceClaim. I met Blake more than 2 years ago when I arrived in the USA. Blake asked me to visit his maker space, a studio where he makes crazy stuff. We played around with SpaceClaim and he showed me all the stuff that he is building. And now, Blake is dedicated to helping us build the best product in the manufacturing industry.

I asked Blake why he joined the team:

" I actually wasn't planning on taking a job for a little while, but GrabCAD was the one company that I thought might have challenging problems to solve.  I was humbled by the prospect of being a steward of the fastest growing community in the history of our industry and fascinated with the mission of creating products and services that would delight GrabCAD members.  GrabCAD's entirely customer-driven product development philosophy sealed the deal, because I firmly believe that continuous learning is the optimal methodology for mutual customer and vendor success."

Please join me in welcoming our new team members, Rob and Blake!