Impressive engines with awesome power

These five models include some of the greatest machine designs and detailed engine models we’ve seen so far on GrabCAD. Check them out, download them, ‘like’ them, render them, share them.

Trike by GrabCAD engineer E Wira Napitupulu

This awesome V-twin engine fits perfect into this creative concept trike. This could certainly get you from point A to point B... and fast!

Ship engine wartsila by GrabCAD engineer Jeff Lord

What a monster of an engine! Now who will design the ship for this to fit in?

Mk 38 weapon station by GrabCAD engineer Carlos Fuentes

Impressive model with some serious fire power!

Eric whittle v8 by GrabCAD engineer Chris Dabek

Another beautiful V8 engine designed for the sky.

Aircraft rotary engine by GrabCAD engineer dassault

You will be impressed with the incredible level of detail in this awesome creation.