Tips of The Trade

GrabCAD isn't just a library of great CAD models. Our forums are bursting with tutorials, tips, questions and requests from engineers and designers from all around. Want to know how to fillet an edge in Solidworks? How to model a crane hook? How to optimize your computer system and get that great idea from your head to your hard drive? GrabCAD Q&A has got it. We thought we'd take a moment to raise the profile of some of the best tutorials or tips out there.

Tutorial: How to Make an Engine

By Aykut Dana

This 26-part tutorial is one of the best and most viewed posts on GrabCAD. For good reason - its insanely detailed, well-written and well-illustrated. And for that, well-done Aykut! Starting from the piston rods to the finished engine, Aykut explains every step of the process of making a V12 with Solidworks. A must read for those interested in getting into SW.

Tutorial: Chain Assembly - CATIA v.5 Advanced

By Hailstone

Hailstone is something of a CATIA guru, constantly uploading tutorials and answering questions. His videos are neat, clear and popular. Always wanted to learn how to use CATIA? Go through his profile, specifically his Q&A tab. Got a question? Post it on our forums or leave a message on his profile.


How to Import Sketchup Files to Solidworks

Question by Diego Montero

The advantage of being around GrabCAD's community of Engineers is that if you're looking for a solution to a problem, there is a very good chance someone else has found it or is looking. In this case, this is exactly what happened. Google Sketchup (now owned by Trimble) is a great program but its difficult to export into anything. As it turns out, if you have Google Sketchup PRO you can export your model as a DWG and import that into SW. Without GS PRO, one has to rely on Blender to convert a *.dae to a *.3ds, or FBX. The end result was that I found it faster on GrabCAD than if I struck out alone to figure it out.