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3D Printing with Multiple Materials in One Process

A Wall Street Journal article in 2018 explored the then-shortcomings of 3D printing regarding the constraint that feedstock materials pose for fabrication and manufacturing.

They wrote:

Some plastics cannot be made in a form suitable for 3D printing or require specialized equipment. Metals are most commonly printed using metal powder. Since cross-contamination must be avoided, cleaning the equipment between runs of different materials is very time-consuming, so that most metal 3D printers run only one type of material.

This could be changing as researchers are now finding ways to alleviate this problem.

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Project Spotlight: Solar Impulse flies 3500 miles Across America using only solar energy

A revolutionary airplane, Solar Impulse, successfully flew across the USA in six legs covering more than 3500 miles. It made the trip despite weather challenges and damage to the wing on its final flight. Get to know the Switzerland-based Solar Impulse team and their process for creating the first airplane to fly day and night purely on solar energy.

Solar Impulse Across America - Golden Gate Flight - Revillard

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Get to know the new GrabCAD measuring tools!

It's almost midnight, you just remembered your niece’s birthday (tomorrow) and you start to panic! There is no time to go to a store or rush an online gift.  As you try to come up with apologies in your head, you catch a glimpse of your 3D printer sitting in the corner, gathering dust. A 3D printed toy like Thomas the Tank Engine model by GrabCADr A. Ter Meer would be perfect. But, are the parts the right size to 3D print?

GrabCAD measure tool

This is one of many scenarios where you need to know the measurements or scale of a model before downloading. We want to help you with that! This post will walk you through each handy tool, so you can measure like a pro.
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A Brief Introduction to CAD File Formats

Have you ever noticed that there are more types of CAD file formats than there are CAD systems?

precise gear versus tessellated gear

A precise gear (left) as compared to a tessellated gear (right).

Not only do most CAD systems create several different types of files, there are a myriad of interoperability formats that have different advantages when collaborating with your partners and customers.  Let’s take a look at some of the formats supported by GrabCAD’s 3D viewer, along with the strengths and weaknesses of those formats.
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Letter to the Community: Why we launched Workbench

Here at GrabCAD, we want to fight the status quo of the manufacturing industry. We see how technology has driven innovation in industries like IT, travel,and e-commerce. This kind of disruption is desperately needed for the people in our Community, engineers and designers who develop and make the physical products that we all use in our everyday lives.

GrabCAD Workbench was made to help you build products faster

You need better tools

Some people tell us that the tools engineers use today are ok and that they get the job done. These folks do get one thing right. Engineers are amazing people! They never complain and always find a brilliant workaround to complete a design. This is one of the reasons why I am, personally, so passionate about improving engineers’ lives.

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How to Receive One GrabCAD Email A Day

Our community offers many opportunities to connect with other engineers, challenge your CAD skills, and share your work. It is a place that helps you do your job faster, and nothing can stop that from happening like too many emails. We hear you and agree. That is exactly why we created an option to receive a daily summary email from GrabCAD. You told us that less is more when it comes to email and we listened. This new option allows you to stay connected and productive. Why should you choose this option?

Your Daily GrabCAD Summary

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Taking it to the next level, again.

Three things get me excited every day at GrabCAD:

  • Our Members. Their creativity and passion for design and building physical products is contagious.
  • Our Product. Building a quality product for the manufacturing industry and engineers is so rewarding.
  • Our Team. People make a company. All 36 people in US, UK and Estonia bring their best every day.

We are always looking to hire more great people who care about the same things. Today I am happy to announce two new additions to our team, Rob Stevens and Blake Courter. What did they say about joining GrabCAD?

Blake Counter, GrabCAD Product Manager Rob Stevens, GrabCAD VP Marketing Sales

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