Tips of the Trade – Have to Start Somewhere…

...might as well start with GrabCAD Tutorial page! We've been growing lots as of recent and more GrabCADrs are uploaded (and viewing) some pretty valuable tutorials. Whether you're a Professional looking to expand your skill-set or a student working your chops, there are plenty of great tutorials - here are some of the best.


Aykut Dana has finally finished his complete tutorial on how to make a mechanical pencil using Solidworks. All 38 tutorials are textually and visually detailed, covering nearly every aspect of design. For those handy with other CAD software, I recommend you pick up this tutorial and see if you can do it! Thanks Aykut!


Back in January, Prabhakaran asked How to model a retainer cage for a ball bearing. Long-time GrabCADr and experience Engineer Aaron posted a superb post, going over all the details needed to make your own. Loki pitched in his own perspective on Cage Bearing design, which he argues is more 'realistic'. Prabhakaran has been overwhelmed with options...

Martin created his first tutorial, demonstrating how to create a complex sheetmetal crossmember for a seat. Gotta love that he posted 5 long-form videos that go over every detail.

Sudhir Gill has been active on GrabCAD for a long time - this is one of his best posts of one of his most downloaded model, a Torsen Differential. Could be considered a shorter yet very useful tutorial for those with some CAD experience that want to learn Solidworks....


Which brings me to a question, rather than a tutorial, that was raised a few days ago. Mario Botes asks, "What software would you guys recommend for a beginner interested in vehicle design?". Obviously, it depends on what aspect of design you're into. Are you interested in surface modelling your favourite Audi or engineering a Wankel Engine? There are some good answers in the thread - maybe you can add one of your own?