New Challenge: RoboSavvy Humanoid Design

RoboSavvy is looking for help from the GrabCAD Community! They are gathering fresh ideas for the design of a new humanoid robot built to teach and entertain. This design Challenge will help them to launch a new open-source humanoid robot that will be affordable, attractive, agile, and smart.

RoboSavvy Humanoid Robot Challenge on GrabCAD

Comparable education and research humanoid robots cost over $10,000 due to their plastic molded shell parts, expensive actuators and closed-source business approach. What if there was an open-source robot that could outperform its rival platforms while keeping the cost of materials to about $1,000? Challenge!  Utilize materials and fabrication methods available to anyone, including aluminum sheet and 3D printed parts for structure, vacuum formed polycarb exterior shell, servos for actuation and low cost electronics including Raspberry Pi for brains. We want to see you ideas and get you involved in the beginning of a unique and innovative project!

Enter now to win a humanoid robot that will be custom built and sent to you (valued in parts and labor at $4,000). No need for a robot, you can win cash, too!  2nd and 3rd prizes can also take home a cash prize and many more will get a GrabCAD shirt and bottle.