Google Translate Means GrabCAD Workbench Is Available In Any Language

A number of our customers are using GrabCAD Workbench to collaborate securely with suppliers in countries like China.  As a result we've had a lot of requests to translate Workbench into other languages, which is a pretty major task.  While we get our hands around that chore, we have a workaround.

International business

At some point in a software company's life, the requests start pouring - please provide your software in French, Italian, Russian, Chinese!  This is a great problem to have, as it shows that customers really value what you've created, but translating software into other languages (called "localization" or "internationalization" depending on the flavor) is a major undertaking.  To be blunt, we're not quite ready for it.  But we really want to help our customers.  What to do?

Google Translate to the rescue!  I'm sure you've used Google Translate to read emails or websites, and a SaaS (Software as a Service) application like GrabCAD is essentially just a website.  It turns out that Google Translate works pretty well.  The translation quality is not 100%, but it's "SaaS" - meaning that it happens automatically, all the time.  This is critical because we update our application constantly (every day) and if we had to send all our changes to a translator it would really slow us down.  With Google Translate it all happens automatically.

So here's how to use it:

  1. Install Google Chrome
  2. Go to the Chrome webstore
  3. Install the "Google Translate" Chrome extension
  4. Set the language you want to use

We'll still pursue translating our site into other languages, but in the meantime this is a great workaround.  We are also building Workbench training materials (like tutorials and videos) in other languages as well- if you're interested in any of that material please let us know.

If you have other suggestions for helping our international users please leave them in the comments below!

Now I'll repeat this post in a few other languages for our international visitors.



  1. 安装谷歌Chrome
  2. 进入到Chrome网络商店
  3. 安装“谷歌翻译”Chrome扩展
  4. 设置您要使用的语言



Si desea utilizar Workbench GrabCAD en su lengua materna, por favor siga los siguientes pasos para instalar Google Translate for Chrome. Esto le permitirá ver Workbench en cualquier idioma que haya seleccionado.

  1. Instalar Google Chrome
  2. Ir a la tienda web de Chrome
  3. Instale la extensión de Chrome "Google Translate"
  4. Ajuste el idioma que desea utilizar

Por favor, perdona la calidad de la traducción, estamos confiando en Google Translate.


Se você gostaria de usar o Workbench GrabCAD na sua língua nativa, por favor, siga os passos abaixo para instalar o Google Translate para o Chrome. Isto irá permitir que você veja Workbench em qualquer idioma que você selecionar.

  1. Instale o Google Chrome
  2. Ir para o Chrome webstore
  3. Instale o "Google Translate" extensão Chrome
  4. Defina o idioma que você deseja usar

Por favor, perdoe a qualidade da tradução, estamos contando com o Google Translate.


Si vous souhaitez utiliser Workbench GrabCAD dans votre langue maternelle, s'il vous plaît suivez les étapes ci-dessous pour installer Google Translate pour Chrome. Cela vous permettra de voir Workbench dans n'importe quelle langue que vous sélectionnez.

  1. Installez Google Chrome
  2. Aller à la boutique en ligne Chrome
  3. Installez l'extension "Google Translate" Chrome
  4. Réglez la langue que vous souhaitez utiliser

Veuillez pardonner la qualité de la traduction, nous comptons sur Google Translate.