Challenge Results: Steampunk Wheelchair Design for Kyron

We are happy to announce that ModVic and Kyron we were really impressed with our GrabCADrs' designs! They see many different elements they'd love to incorporate into one ‘uber’ Steampunk Wheelchair design for Kyron. The main goal of this design Challenge was to modify Kyron's wheelchair with a cool Victorian aesthetic and maintain the wheelchair’s full functionality. We can't wait to see the final build, which we'll share with the Community!

modvic wheelchair design by greg hurley

1st Place - Steampunk Wheelchair for Kyron! By Greg Hurley

This wheelchair design is totally awesome! It does not change the functionality and comfort of the original chair, but adds the Victorian elements that bring the chair to another level visual appeal. Colors and materials are amazing and true to Steampunk. Looks like pieces/components can be removed to put on new wheelchair in the future. Some things to work on: the Joystick is too large/heavy; the original joystick (sadly) can’t be changed much; arm rests look great but also unable to be alter too much for ease of use.

modvic wheelchair winner

2nd Place -- Steampunk Wheelchair for Kyron by Stefan Varga

Great design that actually looks like a souped up– hotrod Victorian wheelchair from the 1800s! Cushions look squishy and comfortable. The connectors for the leg plates look scrolly (viney), cool and awesome (Kyron really likes them). Piston makes chair wider (looks really cool) but could cause problems going through doors. Some things to work on: wheels are a bit too big and has no joystick or discernible arm rests; back wheel doesn’t look like it’ll support the chair like the Quantum edge (needs a base with six wheels); not sure where the electrics would be.

modvic wheelchair winner

3rd Place -- Steampunk Wheelchair design By Dave Hardcastle

This design looks like it could go to the moon : ) The armrests look cool and are well integrated with the tanks. The seat looks mega comfortable for long trips. The bag on the back is really convenient and helps to transport lots of different items. We love the joystick, but it needs to be to the side and not in the front of the wheelchair. Things to work on: looks a bit bulky and top heavy; love the grill, but lights would have to have a separate battery, as we cannot tap into the electrics; footrest doesn’t look big enough for two feet.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute to this Challenge. Check out the honorable mentions and all the entries! Do you have an idea for our next pro bono project? Let us know at!