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Top 5 Winners of the Ultimaker Toy Design Challenge!

The winners of the Ultimaker "3D printed toy design" challenge are in! The GrabCAD Community response was overwhelming, and with more than 400 entries this challenge is by far the biggest 3D printer inspired challenge of GrabCAD.

Ultimaker Toy Design Challenge on GrabCAD

So without further ado, let's introduce the winners, the runners-up and the special mentions of the 2013 GrabCAD/Ultimaker challenge!
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Engineer’s Spotlight: Anirban Ghosh wins “Eyes to Hear With” Challenge

GrabCAD recently finished the pro bono Challenge to design an easy to manufacture closed caption pair of glasses for the hearing impaired. The community submitted a lot of great entries, but as always, there can only be one 1st place.

Challenge on GrabCAD spotlight

Alex Kukoff spent some time with the Challenge winner, Anirban Ghosh, to get the story behind what it took to take the number 1 spot in the "Eyes to Hear With" Challenge.

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Challenge Results: Velodroom gets sleek new bike accessories from GrabCAD community

Velodroom is a bicycle accessory brand with a unique take on the world and cycling, offering products that are designed to increase the quality and safety of daily riding.

Making new and innovative products for bicycles, which have been around for 100 of years, isn't easy. So Velodroom came to GrabCAD's world-leading platform for hosting engineering and design competitions, and challenged the community of now over 700,000 engineers to create an accessory that solves a problem cyclists face daily, all while keeping Velodroom's style in mind.

The GrabCAD community didn't disappoint. There were 152 entries submitted and some truly well thought out designs for the biking community.

Here are the top three winners:

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