New Report: Your Guide to the Next Generation of PDM

Here at GrabCAD, we're pretty confident that the next generation of PDM will include mature cloud technology. But will PDM systems of the future also incorporate elements of other transformative technologies? In his new report, Your Guide to the Next Generation of PDM: How Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, and Social are Changing Product Data Management, independent research firm Consilia Vektor's Randall Newton tackles that question head on. Get the full report for free with registration.

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Today, product development technology stands at a fork in the road between status quo and strategic serendipity. The status quo is rooted in desktop processes, central storage, hierarchical workflows, and data access. The path to strategic serendipity is paved by new interrelationships of four existing technologies.

You are likely familiar with the four:

  • Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Social

It is possible to deploy cloud, analytics, mobile, and social independently as tactical extensions of an existing product development environment, but that would be like adding a pillar to a building after the roof is already up. The CAMS technologies are capable of replacing the building entirely, transforming a workflow born of physical processes to one created from scratch to be digital. Today, Engineers want to take advantage of CAMS technology in their work the same way they do in their personal life. Tomorrow, they will expect it.

Get the full report (free of charge, registration required)