New eBook: Making Your Case For Product Data Management

You love the idea of Product Data Management (PDM) at your company. To say that you loathe unmanaged CAD files is a woeful understatement and only insults your passion for a single source of truth. Every night for the last two weeks you’ve stayed awake late into the night researching feature lists, supported systems, pricing, and word of mouth reports. You even built a buying framework complete with matching scorecard.

Your dreams are transcendent (and in annotated STEP). You’re confident that, with time, your family will come to embrace the new refrigerator check-in/check-out policy. Nobody cares more about PDM than you. Nobody.

But maybe not everyone at work feels the same way. Maybe you’d like to convince your boss without pushing for insurrection. What you could use is a practical guide to building a sound business case for PDM. A guide that walks you through perfectly reasonable ways to promote an internal initiative.

We’re proud to present Making Your Case For PDM: Convincing your boss the team needs Product Data Management. Get the full report for free with registration.



While attaching a dollar amount to anything and everything seems like common sense (and it is, you should absolutely do that), there’s empirical evidence that confirms what you probably already know: wasted time and effort makes engineers really, really angry. So what, you say? Who actually likes wasting time? That’s a fair point. But if you read the study, not only is wasted time far and away the most annoying thing to engineers out of a series of other annoying things (work overload, interpersonal conflict, etc.), you’ll also notice that engineers hate wasted time and effort more than any other professional group measured (academics, clerical, and sales, respectively).

Put yourself in your boss’ position and imagine he had to turn around and pitch your idea to a VP. What ammo can you give your boss to make that next-level conversation go smoothly? How does this new tool solve some problem the VP has been on your boss to solve?


The Buyer's Guide for PDM making-your-case-for-pdm

This eBook explains how you, the CAD-using engineer who’s had quite enough of naming conventions and Dropbox, can bring together the elements needed to support an investment decision in a modern, industrial-strength product data management solution.

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