The new Community model uploader and editor

When you look at our CAD Library, it’s easy to forget that each and every model was created and uploaded by a member somewhere in the world. The GrabCAD Community is an amazing place not because of us, but because of the contributions of our members. These contributions deserved an experience just as amazing to manage them, and that is why we built a new model uploader and edit page.

With this new Uploader and Edit Page, you can easily edit details, add files, preview your model tile, and customize your model gallery, all from one place! The way that your model is presented is an important part of catching people’s eyes and ultimately building your reputation within the Community, and now it is easier than ever to control the look of your model.

One place for all your model changes

We wanted to make uploading and editing your model as simple as possible. Now the model uploader and model editor have the same layout, and the model editor lets you make changes to your model’s details (name, description, tags, categories) as well as manage its files and gallery. Finally there is a one stop shop to edit your model.

Reorder your renderings

Our new gallery tool allows you to easily change the order of renderings in your gallery with a drag and a drop. Uploaded renderings and CAD files are automatically added to the gallery, and can be hidden by dragging a tile from the top section (shown in gallery) to the bottom section (hidden from gallery). Set your default rendering by simply dragging the tile into the first slot and show off your work the way you intended!

Blog Gallery Image

Preview your model

Ever want to see how your model will look in the Library before you publish it? Now you can. This model tile gives a sneak peek at how it will appear to others when they are searching for models. Be sure to fill out all of your model’s details (name, description, tags, and categories) to ensure your model can be easily found and gets the attention it deserves.

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