What’s New in GrabCAD Print Version 1.4

One of the things we value most is the feedback we receive from our users. Thanks to your insightful feedback, here is GrabCAD Print Version 1.4.

More Printers Supported

GrabCAD Print 1.4 adds support for all uPrint and Fortus printers as well as for Dimension SST/1200es/Elite! You can see the full list of supported Stratasys printers here.

Better Packing with Optimize Arrange

In Version 1.3, we greatly improved FDM print packing. With 1.4, it's even easier to accomplish this with the new "Optimize" checkbox in the Arrange tool. In some cases, this capability allows you to fit up to twice as many parts on a tray as before!

The new "Optimize" checkbox in the Arrange tool makes it even easier to pack your trays!

Name Your Printers

Set custom printer names from the printer settings panel. These printer names will appear wherever you access GrabCAD Print including desktop, via the web or on a mobile device. Learn how to rename your printers.

GrabCAD Print version 1.4 now allows you to name your printers.

J750 On Mobile

If you are using GrabCAD Print on a Stratasys J750 multi-material printer, you can now monitor print jobs from any mobile device using the GrabCAD Print App. Get the Android and iOS apps to try it out.

And There's Still More!

  • Your Stratasys J750 is now discovered automatically on your network printer list.
  • Improved printer listings in the Printer Panel including a “Disconnected” message if your network connection is lost.
  • It's easier to prepare trays for any printer you might not have immediate access to with “Printer Templates” (previously known as “Offline Printers”).

To update to Version 1.4, current GrabCAD Print users simply restart the application and the installer will take care of the rest. Check out the release notes page here for a complete listing of the 1.4 enhancements.

That’s it for the latest update of GrabCAD Print, but we have plenty more to come. Keep sending us feedback to help us make GrabCAD Print even better for you!