Introducing GrabCAD Print 1.5

We wanted to fill you in on the latest updates we’ve made to GrabCAD Print. The enhancements serve to improve the value of Stratasys’ 3D print technology, provide additional capabilities and services, and respond to feedback we've received.

Offline Mode Part 2 is here! Now, when installing for the first time, you'll be able to skip the login if you don't have an internet connection. This is a follow-up to Offline Mode capabilities we introduced in GrabCAD Print 1.3, which you can read about here.

Custom Tray Names — You can now give your trays custom names from the tray preview in the Project Panel. Jobs will inherit the name when you click Print.

Tray Preview — All jobs sent with version 1.5 will include a preview of the tray in the Schedule View job details, both online and in the desktop app. You can disable this in System Preferences > Privacy.

Box Select — Box select in Model View makes it easy to change the print settings of any model all at once. Click and drag with the left mouse button. When dragging towards the right, only models completely contained in the box are selected. When dragging towards the left, models that are partially inside the box boundaries are also selected.

New View Controls — The View Controls are now conveniently at the top of the viewer.

We made a few other really useful upgrades to the software as well, and we know that GrabCAD Print is still working with a few limitations, but you can check out the full details of all the Release Notes here.