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3D Printing Software: The Features You Need

3D Printing Software FeaturesFinding the best 3D printing software can be tricky and leave you wondering where to start when utilizing 3D printing for your business or personal needs. Companies and individuals have varying benchmarks, diverse perspectives and unique preferences when it comes to 3D printing software; it largely depends on the industry you are working within and the specific products you are trying to create.
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10 free online CAD resources worth bookmarking

These days, CAD users have more educational resources at their fingertips than ever before with little more than a quick Google search. But while online community forums and indexed help guides are indispensable resources for the modern CAD user, few mediums are better for communicating new concepts than video, and for good reason; although pictures and diagrams are great for learning new principles or workflows, nothing beats watching a fellow CAD user get from A to B in real-time.

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It’s Time to Get Over IGES

About five seconds into your average conversation about CAD translation, someone will invariably mention one of the venerable and long-held neutral formats: STEP or IGES. Neutral CAD formats are the great equalizers of CAD interchange; the old stand-bys of an increasingly multi-CAD world. They provide the bridge to migrate geometry from one proprietary CAD system to another. While direct translation or newer direct modeling techniques now often preempt the use of neutral formats, chances are high you'll need to rely on them at one time or another. But a word of caution: while STEP and IGES are often grouped together in the same breath, they are certainly not equivalent. In fact, if formats were horses, it's probably time to send the IGES pony to the glue factory.

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Looking the Way it Ought to Be – InfiniteZ zSpace and Microsoft Holodesk

Imagine for one second your model outside your screen. Almost like it was in your hands. And it could be altered and rotated at the command of a few mouse clicks. Perhaps pen-clicks. Or even, altered by your very hands. Well, what if I told you there was already something like that out there?

3D screens are not new, but they have been difficult to commercialize. Remember Nintendo VirtualBoy? That abject failure demonstrated that developing a user-friendly manner of interacting would be a long-way off. One of the biggest problems since the start has been how to correct what is being projected to suit the position of the viewer. One way is to make goggles with slightly different images for each eye. Another is tracking the eyes to alter the imagery to create the illusion. Rapid development of eye-tracking algorithms (i.e. Microsoft Kinect) means that no goggles or unfriendly UI can be avoided, creating a Natural Use Interface (NUI).  Here are the two contenders for creating a real 3D CAD modelling experiences.

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GrabCAD goes 3D! Experience CAD models in a new dimension… right in your browser

Share your models with anyone in 3 dimensions? Check. Pin annotations right on the surface of a model to share advice and ideas with other engineers? Check. GrabCAD's new in-browser 3D viewer is a huge step toward seamless collaboration and sharing for mechanical engineers and designers.

Announcing a CAD Game-changer: You can now rotate, translate, zoom in on and annotate all CAD models right in your browser without downloading anything! We'll show you how it works in this video:

Click the "View in 3D" button directly under the render viewer of any model with an associated STL file to pull up the 3D viewer:

It will take a few seconds to load the file into the 3D viewer, then you're ready to rock! We've included a few controls to make it easier to make the most of models:

holding 's' enables zoom mode

holding 'r' enables rotation mode

holding 't' enables translation

Use this new in-browser 3d viewer to:

  • Collaborate with engineers on projects you're working on by annotating pins right on the model
  • Share your models securely with clients, manufacturers, or anybody without CAD software
  • Check out all public models on GrabCAD without downloading them

The nitty-gritty:

  • STL file format is supported (we converted a bunch of models already! Over 15,000 of 'em...)
  • Only WebGL-enabled browsers (Chrome, Firefox, recent versions of Opera, and Safari with customization... view Safari instructions. Internet Explorer is not WebGL-enabled so it will not work)
  • 3D viewer load times vary depending on the STL file size and on your internet connection
  • Harnessing the power of 3D through your browser takes computer memory- powerful computers will work better

We have automagically converted tens of thousands of CAD models into STL format. Most models should look great, but in some cases we may have converted the wrong file. Feel free to convert the original format into STL yourselves if that is the case (but don't zip the STL file). As always, we're coding away to make this feature simpler, faster and more powerful. Offer your feedback by private messaging any staff member or leaving us a wish (at the bottom right of each page). We take feedback very seriously!

Enjoy this great new feature on all of these models!