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The Future of Design and Manufacturing at DFM Summit #3

GrabCAD recently had the opportunity to speak at the latest Design for Manufacturing Summit in Brooklyn. NY. The intimate setting of mostly small to medium companies in the design and manufacturing industries made for honest and interesting panels. It is clear to our team that the point of 3D content is to help designers and engineers get real work done and real products made. We were glad to be included in the discussion around 3D printing, scanning and modeling so we could share this message with others.

Design for Manufacturing Summit #3 featuring GrabCAD

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Challenge Creaform to Make your Dream Engineering Project Happen

In an unusual twist, we've teamed up with 3D Scanning, Measuring and Engineering firm Creaform to ask all 400,000 GrabCADrs to come up with a challenge project for them. Yes - the hard work is for Creaform, not you! The ideation, or creating an idea, is your job. Last year's winner, the Australian Institute of Sport worked with Creaform to create perfectly moulded seats for their Kayak Team, winning them Olympic Silver in London 2012.


With a month to go and $25,000 prize on the line, what can you imagine? Check out the Challenge right here!

GrabSCAN? The Growth of Affordable 3D Scanning

Turning physical models into CAD models is becoming easier and more affordable than before. Cheaper lasers, higher quality cameras and faster computers mean calculating and handling point clouds isn't a headache or an expense as it was before. Already a few scans have been showing up on GrabCAD. Instead of meticulously measuring every corner and divot with a trusty calliper, scanning is a real option. But what are those options?

3D Scan of Iron man Mk 3 Suit by James Robbins

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