Introducing GrabCAD Challenges for 2015

Today we launched our first GrabCAD Challenge of 2015. This challenge will help build a better solution for a self-service parcel delivery system. We chose this engineering problem to begin the year based on what members said we could do to improve the GrabCAD Challenge experience: solve real problems, help others, and build skills.  In 2015 we plan to do just that.

Crowdsourcing concept in word tag cloud

Why GrabCAD Challenges are here to stay

  1. You want to build skills - You said that GrabCAD Challenges are exciting and offer an opportunity to improve yourself, learn, contribute and showcase your skills.
  2. You like fixing real problems - You are helping real companies find better, out of the box solutions to tricky problems.
  3. You can effect positive change - The potential of the GrabCAD Community is too great not to be channeled toward creating a better world.

The collective brainpower of our members is enormous - there's no shortage of really talented engineers capable of coming up with ingenious solutions. The hard part is connecting talented engineers with companies who need their help. GrabCAD Challenges links engineers and companies, whether they're non-profit, small business, or a large international business. We are bringing together those who have tough problems to solve or are helping the world with those who have the expertise and ideas.

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new way to tackle difficult or time-consuming problems. We have experience organizing GrabCAD Challenges over the past 3 years. Great solutions are born when cross-disciplinary perspectives, like those of our members, are applied. We believe this will be a very powerful tool for engineers and designers looking to take their work to the next level and for innovative organizations to look outside their team for solutions.

Our mission for GrabCAD Challenges

  1. Challenges must focus on engineering solutions and solve a real life problem - new design, improved or optimized product, concept for a new product.
  2. Challenges team will focus on quality before quantity so expect better guidelines and frameworks.
  3. Challenges will attract your favorite industries and sponsors who value your contributions.
  4. Challenges will respect the deadlines we set and communicate rules clearly to participants.

We want to launch many, exciting Challenges with great companies and causes this year. We are also planning to introduce more improvements to the Challenges process, so stay tuned. Please let our Community team know about your ideas, comments, and feedback.