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Supercar Body CAD Design Challenge officially over with 193 stunning submissions in 40 days!

500 Group's Supercar Body Design Challenge ended last night. Almost 200 designs were uploaded during this insanely popular 40 day challenge!

GrabCAD is pleased to announce 500 Group's extremely popular supercar body design challenge ended last night with 193 stunning entries from engineers all over the world. The GrabCAD community now has until April 23rd to determine the winning model, which is based solely on the number of "likes" each entry receives. Although we want to show off some of the truly wonderful submissions here, the renderings and pictures below link to the general entry pages, and not to the individual submissions. Please take time to look through all the submissions and "like" only the best ones. This is the power of GrabCAD.

Enjoy rendering?

GrabCAD is making the deal a little sweeter for anyone with rendering skills. In addition to the challenge as it stands, the 3 neatest and most professional renderings that use the GrabCAD logo on any car (in the challenge) will be awarded $50 each. Renderings will be judged solely by Mikk, our graphic designer. Mikk will take a look on April 23rd. The GrabCAD logo can be found here.


The Supercar Body Feedback Challenge is live until April 23rd. Authors of the top twelve feedback comments (which are honest, constructive and helpful) will receive $50 each. All the participants in this challenge need to write maximum of 50 words feedback to not less than 75% of all the entries in Supercar Body Challenge.

As a reminder, asking for "likes" through private messages is not an acceptable practice. The means by which winners are chosen ("like" count) is meant to harness the true potential of GrabCAD- engineers giving feedback and honestly assessing others' 3D design work.

We, at GrabCAD, are simply amazed at both the creativity and the attention to detail displayed by engineers and designers in the challenge! We are proud of the submissions to this challenge and anticipate organizing many more intriguing challenges for our engineers to display their amazing talent soon.

Good luck to all challenge participants! We're excited to see some more neat renderings uploaded and honest, constructive feedback given as the GrabCAD community browses through the submissions.




6 Reasons to Harness GrabCAD Challenges I

Launching an engineering challenge on GrabCAD has proven to be helpful for designers and manufacturers from various different industries. Challenges enable companies to collect hundreds of detailed, creative solutions over short periods of time. This article is the first in a 3-part series which will outline some of the most important reasons companies have benefited from GrabCAD Challenges. We hope it encourages you to try this powerful crowd-sourcing approach.

If you are in a company that requires 3D modeling and design, consider harnessing the power of a challenge today. If you know somebody in such a company, share this article with them (post it on Facebook, tweet about it, or email them directly!). Although there will likely always be a need for in-house engineering for certain industries, GrabCAD challenges are a novel and validated approach to mechanical engineering and 3D modeling. Here's why:

#1. Lots of creative ideas generated rapidly

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10 tips for successful outsourcing

Outsourcing CAD and engineering services sounds like too much of a hassle, there are the technical aspects, specifications plus normal concerns related to using outside help for certain functions of the company.

However, the fundamental points of what’s important in outsourcing are the same no matter the area and industry. Making outsourcing work isn’t rocket science. Here are my top 10 tips for successful outsourcing.

Construction scene

#1. Know your reason to outsource.

Knowing and remember whether if you outsource to save money, to focus on core competence, to balance out seasonal highs and lows? Remember your reason as this will help you later answer questions like "How much can I pay for it?" and "Is outsourcing solving my problem?"

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Job offer: construction engineer wanted

As you have been signing up to our library, we have also been looking for engineers to tackle our incoming CAD services, as our existing and new clients are bringing us more and more projects. Our community is growing rapidly and we feel that with your help we can get more done - with quality and speed in mind. Today is not different - we are seeking a civil / construction engineer to make drawing of a partly under water museum. Here's a quick snapshot:

Museum, with an underwater aquarium

We have good AutoCAD assembly drawings of the museum, what we need is views and sections with proper measurements. So where's the catch? We need it by Monday (16.08.2010). If you are interested, or know someone who is, get back to me at

PS! We are regulary checking out recently joined engineers to find people for outsourcing CAD services, so create an account in our library, upload examples of your work, fill out your profile and we might have a job for you already tomorrow.