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Rapid Prototyping Can Help Market Your Product in the Startup World

Here on the GrabCAD blog, you’ve read about many of the amazing things organizations are doing with 3D printing: medical advances, artistic accomplishments, manufacturing achievements. But in this blog post, I’d like to take you back, in some sense, to one of the earliest uses of 3D printing – helping engineers produce prototypes faster than ever to meet unreasonable marketing requirements.

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Drawing is an art, MBD is a science

Creating 2D drawings is an art – knowing what information is required and how to display it in a readable arrangement, while being efficient with the space provided, takes certain skill and experience. It used to also take a steady hand when a piece of paper and a pencil were the tools of choice. When CAD systems found their way into industry, capturing information in an electronic format was both a faster way to get the job done and provided a more consistent presentation of information.

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Meet the New GrabCAD Mobile App

We are excited to roll out an update for our mobile app! We have redesigned our app from the ground up. In this release we have included support for iPhone as well as iPad. Now you will be able to browse the latest and most popular models in the GrabCAD library from your mobile device. You can view renderings in the project and see project details. In projects we have added the ability to participate in conversations while you are on the go with easy-to-post comments. What else can you do?

New GrabCAD Mobile App for iPhone and iPadNew GrabCAD Mobile App for iOS

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Combining DRM and the Principals of Open Engineering

Back in October 2012, former Microsoft CTO and alleged patent troll Nathan Myhrvold and his group, Intellectual Ventures released a patent for a Digital Rights Management system for CAD models. If you buy music or videos online, often there are little tidbits of code that limit your ability to share it freely. That's DRM, and it's been heavily criticized by all, mostly because it doesn't work. Once a file is cracked, it can roam freely in the wilds of the Internet. Same rules apply to CAD files. It's probably harder than most music or video formats to accomplish, but it can be done. But why treat everyone like a criminal? Is there a way to combine the benefits of Open Engineering with DRM?

lock locked

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GrabCAD News: New Office and Amazing Hires

Hi, this is the first time you have heard from me and I’d like to say thanks for welcoming me to the GrabCAD community. I’ve been a full time member of the GrabCAD team for a couple of months now and it has already been a tremendously exciting ride. I want you to tell you more about my history and introduce you to our new hires, Stuart Reid and Dan Dignam, who are opening a GrabCAD office in the birthplace of CAD. I will also introduce you to new talent in Boston and Tallinn: Amos, Mart, and Taavi.

What Is My Story?

I’ve been involved in the Mechanical CAD industry since 1983. Why? Because, I believe that the CAD industry is a fantastic place to work.

  • You have the best customers in the world.
  • Your customers are people that are inventing new things.
  • Or, your customers inventing new ways to make things.
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6 Reasons to Harness GrabCAD Challenges I

Launching an engineering challenge on GrabCAD has proven to be helpful for designers and manufacturers from various different industries. Challenges enable companies to collect hundreds of detailed, creative solutions over short periods of time. This article is the first in a 3-part series which will outline some of the most important reasons companies have benefited from GrabCAD Challenges. We hope it encourages you to try this powerful crowd-sourcing approach.

If you are in a company that requires 3D modeling and design, consider harnessing the power of a challenge today. If you know somebody in such a company, share this article with them (post it on Facebook, tweet about it, or email them directly!). Although there will likely always be a need for in-house engineering for certain industries, GrabCAD challenges are a novel and validated approach to mechanical engineering and 3D modeling. Here's why:

#1. Lots of creative ideas generated rapidly

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