Models We Love: 2013 Golden Gear Awards

We do things a little differently here at GrabCAD. For us, the year isn't complete until we've given our members a good ol' fashioned challenge and recognized all of the awe inspiring, jaw dropping work they've shared. The Golden Gear Awards are the perfect celebration. Check out this year's trophy and award winners.

Darren's winning trophy: Golden Gear Award for GrabCAD Greatness

This is how it works. Every December, we ask GrabCADrs to design a 3D printable trophy for their fellow members. We ask them, "If you were to win a Golden Gear, then what would you want to show off to your friends and coworkers?" They created over 80 entries and made it so hard to choose. We narrowed down the choices by ranking them based on 3D printability, cost, creativity, GrabCAD branding and style. This is what our 2013 Golden Gear Award Winners will receive...

Golden Gear 2013 Trophy Winner

Darren’s GrabCAD Greatness trophy, pictured above, is the perfect combination of 3D printability, cost, creativity and GrabCAD spirit. Everyone on the GrabCAD team loves it. The Community loves it since it is such an inventive, playful, and wonderfully constructed design. This full-color, sandstone print will put a smile on the face of every Golden Gear winner and let them know that the Community offers them their full support in all they CAD!

Golden Gear 2013 Trophy Honorable Mentions

ggagc-ivo-1 the-lord-of-the-gear-1 golden-gear-awards-2013-5

grabcad-golden-gear-award-2013-entry-3-1 golden-gear-awards-2013-4 golden-gear-award-2013-4

2013-golden-gear-award-full-color-sandstone-1 golden-gear-2 golden-gear-award-v2-by-zc-design-1

Golden Gear 2013 Award Winners

Top Open Engineering Project

Open ENG

openrc-1-10-3d-printable-rc-truggy by daniel.noree

Top “Pay It Forward” Tutorial (Rendering or Animation)

Tutorial Rendering or Animation

tutorial-how-to-render-toon-in-keyshot by mech.amine-1

Top “Pay It Forward” Tutorial (Modeling)

Tutorial Modeling Analysis

tutorial-how-to-obtain-relative-accurate-results-from-stress-analysis-in-autodesk-inventor by ioannis.skarlatakis

Top Manufacturing or Construction Model

MFG and construction

mini-cnc-milling-machine-rd-1-0-1 by

Top Transportation Model


tamiya-king-hauler-truck-complete-1 by steen.winther

Top Home or Interior Model

Home or Interior

euloge-s-new-house by dragan.beljan-1

Top Craft, Toy, or Novelty Model

Toy Craft

seattle-space-needle-sheetmetal-puzzle-3d-puzzle-metalcraftdesign-1 by

Most Likeable Model

Most Liked

triumph-t120-1968 by john.fall-1

Most Buzzworthy Model

Most Commented

mona-mission-project-grabcad-on-the-moon by tommy.mueller-1

Most Downloaded Model

Most Downloaded

oblivion-copter by ondrej.novak-1

For all honorable mentions and other really awesome contributions from the last year, check out the 2013 Golden Gear Awards Challenge page. Let us know what other models you loved from 2013 and which categories you'd like to see next year in the comments.