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GrabCAD Voxel Print Takes Center Stage at Event With LAIKA

As you know, we recently launched GrabCAD Voxel Print, an innovative and groundbreaking way to digitally design and fabricate more complex composite materials on the Stratasys J750 PolyJet printer. We had help in creating this feature rich software enhancement from the rapid prototyping group at LAIKA, the production house that brought us the creative works of Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings, Boxtrolls, and many other wonderful animated film productions.

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Design and Manufacture with Voxels

GrabCAD is a collection of lots and lots of pixels - and GrabCADrs too. But on your screen, its bit-mapped pixel by pixel. Voxels are essentially the three-dimensional version - a point in space that together forms a shape. Although CAD users are familiar with surfaces, solids, NURBS and meshes, voxels are coming into the picture in design and manufacture, with unexpected consequences.

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