Amarok competiton – the winners!

“Collective creativity”, that’s what we call it. There’s no other way to describe what happened during the 2 weeks after we announced the Amarok competition.

The 150 and then some entries amazed all of us. It’s not just the number of entries but the quality and the high level of work, the friendly spirit of helping each other on with comments about technical solutions, design choices and aesthetics – all rather mind boggling. After taking some extra time to shorten the list down to 50, then to 10 and then finally to three we’re ready to announce the winners.

We were looking for:

  • Low weight
  • Reasonable ease of manufacturing
  • Originality of design
  • Aesthetic strength (vis a vis the bike)

And the winners are…

1st place – Danny Tas! Danny takes home a brand new Apple iPad 2, Amarok crew tshirt and a poster. In addition the Amarok Racing guys will do a feature with him on their website.

2nd place – Benjamin Garson who gets the Amarok crew tshirt and a poster.

3rd place – Scott Bruins gets the Amarok crew tshirt and a poster.

Why these three?

triple clamp danny tas

The model from Danny (569 grams) caught our eye right away. It’s got everything we love about great mechanical design – it’s elegant, simple, light and strong. The design is very smart and it’ll be easy to machine the piece. Did we mention that it’s light?

The webs and arc shape in plain view personify the Amarok fuselage philosophy.

triple clamp by benjamin garson

Benjamin’s 2nd place winner (under 700 grams) is quite different from Danny’s entry. It’s angular, it’s sharp, it rugged, yet simple. It communicates great strength.

We love the contrast of the mechanical brutality of this design against the softness of Amarok’s bike’s fairing.

It doesn’t hurt that Benjamin really knows how to bring out the strong points of his design with excellent renderings.

triple clamp by scott bruins

Scott, like Benjamin, took several stabs at designing the triple clamp and this one (758 grams) really stood out for us. Once again simplicity is the key, it looks “airy” yet strong. The design is “nice and techy” with a beautiful clamping solution.

This clamp would make any bike look good and “faster”.

If anything then a small diet would make it even better.

Which one was your winner and why? See all the triple clamp models submitted to the contest.

What’s next?

We’ll contact the winners about receiving the prizes and I will post a second update with runner ups – models that we really liked and that deserve a special mention.

Meanwhile, Amarok Racing team will mill the winning clamp for the bike but due to tight timing with the upcoming race it’ll take some time. The team is hoping to get it tested in the summer when the weather is the best for testing. We’ll keep you posted on the progress with this as details become more clear.

And here’s the Amarok poster that the winners will get. Go see them race

Amarok photo: Arash Moallemi

  • Hank

    Benjamin Garson? Danny Tas? Scott bruins?…

    Gosh! I’m really disappointed I thought someone else than the “Star Engineers” on GrabCAD could win this contest…
    BTW congrats Danny for the second win on this platform…

  • Dragos

    congrats!!! it was a good competition:) nice work all of you now definetly the amarok team will win the race with the new clamp :)

  • John

    #1 entry doesn’t meet the 25mm minimum requirement from the flat forward face to the furthest forward point of the steering connection bosses. Check the pdf description on the upper right dimension of the dimensioned drawing.

  • Matt

    I like the looks on #1 a lot.

  • d3print

    Congrats to all!
    Hopefully we can see the machined part for comparing 3d model and real part.

  • David

    Nice work everybody….hope to get the chance to do some more competition here. Hey Scott you beat me this time!

  • Scott Bruins

    Congrats guys! Great designs, great contest and a lot of fun.

  • Nick

    Danny!! Congrats dude! I now mark you contest rival #1… ;-)

  • Danny

    Just logged in, splurted coffee on the screen and rubbed my eyes in disbelief!
    I’d like to thank the Amarok and Grabcad team for holding such a great competition that inspired a lot of engineers from all over the world to strive for their creative best, and there are a lot of great designs out there that I believe also deserve first place, if it wasn’t for the other design entries I don’t think I would of come up with my entry in such short time.
    Congratulations to all, it was fun!

  • Gee

    congratulation to all winners !!….cant wait to see the winning clamp on the bike..^_^

  • William

    Congratulations to all of the winners. this was fun. as soon as I seen your design Danny I knew that I had no chance at first. It has the perfect balance of strength and mechanical charisma. Great job!

  • David

    What about that Top Ten Siim? still in the works?

  • Indrek Narusk

    To John’s comment for the 25mm. You are correct the 25mm was on the initial drawing (pdf) as one requirement. We had so much hard time filtering out favorites, as we actually didn’t believe there will be so many entries – also this being the reason it took so long to pick the winners. GrabCAD and Amarok actually liked Danny’s design so much that we blinked an eye on that one. You might say it’s not fair, but actually most of the designs had some “requirement flaws”. We learned our lesson in terms of the requirement drawing, as it could have been much better. The actual part will probably be modified as well, as Amarok is redesigning their bike on daily bases – making some improvements and changes to make the bike lighter and faster.

    As for the rest of the participants who didn’t win this time – don’t worry, we’ll be running lots of competitions like this one very soon. It was the first one for us as well!

  • Siim Teller

    Benjamin Garson? Danny Tas? Scott bruins?…

    Gosh! I’m really disappointed I thought someone else than the “Star Engineers” on GrabCAD could win this contest…
    BTW congrats Danny for the second win on this platfor

    @Hank – I’m curious to know who were in your top 3 and why do you think their models were better and should have won instead?

    In the end every competition outcome reflects the choice and taste of that particular jury. And this is why I ended the blog post with a question – who was your favorite and why?

    @David – I’ll try to get it out today right after I’ve done the “interesting models of the week” post.

  • Steve

    I can’t believe!!!!

    There are so many other models that actually match with requirements. Obviously mr Narusk this is absolutely UNFAIR, no matter what you’re telling us. You want to know what I think? Well, this contest is cheap marketing just to gain users and win money with their designs. Too bad because this reveals how interested in money you are, and how much of it Amarok reduce from a real engineering job of this kind.
    Bruins, Garson, Tas… Why Am I not surprised??
    Tas, like hank said, there’s a mystery behind your last two wins…

  • Kristina

    I will have to say my favorites were
    Mine of course…
    Andrew Goregen’s

  • Indrek Narusk

    Steve, there were guys on the jury outside of GrabCAD, who did not have any idea who Danny, Scott or Benjamin are. All the members of the jury made their own picks (everyone selected 10 of their personal best) and we did the math for which designs got the most amount of votes – surprisingly the leaderboard looked the same for almost all of us. I personally wasn’t surprised that GrabCAD’s top engineers were among the favourites, look at their designs, they are some of the best. As Siim wrote before, we had a hard time making the call, as out of the 150 20-30 were really, really good. Good engineers win because they do good work, not because they are our favorites. This contest wasn’t about making money, it was about helping out a small cool company like Amarok and testing the crowd-engineering-power of GrabCAD.

    However, we do take all the feedback personally and do want to encourage as wide participation and fun for all the coming competitions as we had for Amarok. We are open to all ideas about how to make the next competition better, more transparent and more encouraging for all he newcomer engineers to participate. Anyone who feels they have the expertise and should be in the jury next time, feel free to write us, as it would always be nice to have our community member giving the official votes.

  • d3print

    To all who snivel,you must be kidding.
    Jury has chosen the winners , and that`s it.


  • David

    Like my old man said one day
    he was a great hockey coach.

  • Chanson

    Tsk Tsk, can’t have a competition without hurting someone’s feelings. Being surprised that a star engineer won is like being surprised an A-List actor was chosen for a blockbuster movie.

    Personally, I am surprised and a little miffed that my preview of a part did not win 1st 2nd AND 3rd, but that is just me.

    Congrats Everyone! Thanks to the GrabCAD team for putting on another successful competition.

  • Danny

    There are only a few forums/community websites that I participate in, Grabcad being one of them, and the reason I’ve stuck with these communities is because of the wonderful people in it, helpful,encouraging and critical without being nasty. I actually dislike labels, like star or superstar because it can cause negative effects, which I’m already seeing here.

    The other thing is, I’ve just got a ‘Top Uploader’ label not ‘Star Engineer’ and all you have to do is off load a shitload of quality models from your hard drive to Grabcad and you too can have a ‘Top Uploader’ label, it’s not rocket science.

    As for the two wins, I’m starting to get suspicious too, the first win was pure luck, my name being pulled out from literally mid air by a computer and the second win, to my surprise, this is my interpretation, was maybe because in the 25 odd years of my engineering career I always strive to do my best, not only for the company I worked for, also for personal gratification, pride and enjoyment, if you don’t get enjoyment in what you do, don’t do it!

    As I have already mentioned, it was the other entrants who inspired me, Grabcad having so many people, young and old, from different parts of the industry is an excellent site to see what the design trends are from around the world.

    Anyway, I hope the Grabcad community stays as it is, mostly helpful, friendly and encouraging with some exceptional modellers, engineers and enthusiasts out there.

    I’d like to give special thanks to Cousin Siim and Uncle Michael Uhlarik from Amarok……..oh yeah! how are our shares going there Hardi ? ;-)………………hope no one took that seriously:)


  • d3print

    Keep going Danny ;)!

  • Scott Bruins

    Agreed! Danny won because he had a well done, light weight design. There will always be people who believe they are gods gift to man and will be upset their design didn’t win. To those people I say “Buck up or shut up!”

    Again, great job Danny, and the rest of the competitors!

  • kmx236

    Siim Teller, can tell what works included in the top ten?

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ’0 which is not a hashcash value.

  • dragos

    good job danny!! congrats :D

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  • Benjamin GARSON

    Hi !

    Just want to congrats all the mechanical designers for this contest, there were really cool entries :)
    Congrats ++ for Danny and Scott for winning, the high quality of your entries are beyound doubt ;)

    Here is my personal selection for this contest (randomly) :

    * Chris dollery’s one :–1
    Good looking design :)
    * Luis Cordoba’s one :
    Just the most ‘Designed’ look of this contest, very nice shapes even if it would be hard to produce it :)
    *Drago’s one :
    Looks great, simple and efficient, the best compromise between ‘design’ and mechanical engineering.

    Of course, there are so much models to add to this short list…

    It’s sad to see so hard replies to this contest… I agree with David’s old man words, don’t play if you are not prepared to loose… Always hope to win but loss is the best way to push yourself to make it better next time !

    Hardi, Indrek, Siim, maybe next time you could add an additionnal vote coming from the community of grabcadders, it would maybe seem ‘fairer’ for someones even if for me it is already fair to be judged by the ‘sponsor’ and you guys ;)

    Thanks again for making this contest coming out, it was great, and of course I’d like to wish the best to the Amarok Team with their innovative and great looking bike :)

    P.S : Steve and Hank, what could have been improved to the 3 entries here ? Please, tell us ? Sincerely, do you truly believe that amarok would have use the clamp exactly as it has been designed ? It needs FEA, machinig adjustments, prototypes, shocks tests, etc… Danny’s entry does look so bad to you if we don’t look at the 25mm bore diameter missing (not that hard to add it on) ?

  • Alessandro Rodriguez

    Congrats to the winners you deserve because you’re the best.
    Hey people from GrabCAD When will you post the Runners-up?

  • Adam

    Congrats to all the winners!! They definitely deserved it, it’s not fair to try and take anything away from them because their designs were chosen by the Amarok team. If you don’t like the results build your own bike, then you can put whatever you want on it. You lost, get over it..

    Very cool to see 150+ designs from a variety of software from people all over the world and the helpful comments left on models to improve each design! ….Now let’s see this triple clamp in action!

  • David

    Any news on that top Ten?…i got a bet for a bootle of wine on this:) :)

  • Matt

    I think Amarok should redesign my entry to look like Danny’s. Then I win, right?

    This whole thing is BS. I do not intend to do anymore of these “competitions” and will discourage others from them as well. This isn’t about sniveling, this is about not wasting my time.

  • Scott Bruins

    @Matt- I fail to see what you are so upset about? Danny came up with a design that is the best compromise between strength and weight (this is going on a racing bike after all). So yeah if you had designed something similar to his then you might have had a better shot at winning. Getting mad because Danny’s design won is like getting mad at the winner of a race because they were faster than you. As for wasting your time, no one forced you to participate and there was no guarantee that you would win. If you honestly believe you should have won that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but lets try and act like adults and be respectful to those that participated and the contest holders.

  • Danny

    I’m sorry that you feel that way Matt, we’re all here by choice because we all have a common interest that we all enjoy and one enjoyment is to see other member’s work, to be inspired, to help out, to encourage and of course another is to show off your own skills.
    If you feel that the competition was handled incorrectly I think the Grabcad team and the other members would be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas for the next one.

    By the way, I couldn’t seem to locate your entry of the Triple Clamp, I am genuinely interested in seeing it, do you have the link?

  • dragos

    Matt: you`ve got to be kidding!!…grow up man

  • Matt

    @Scott, I haven’t been disrespectful but by you claiming I have been is a pretty lame tactic to make me seem like a jerk. Anyways, to your point at being mad at a winner of a race, you would be too if you found the winner hadn’t follow the rules.

    I really feel bad for Danny. His design is good and light, but I’m sure he’s kicking himself he didn’t catch his obvious error and has to live with this false win. I blame the judges on this one.

    Dragos: Eat a bowl of dicks.

  • Matt

    I’m sorry dragos, that was childish. You don’t have to do that.

  • dragos

    i still think you have to grow up ;)

  • William

    Matt and all of the other sore loosers, perhaps if you would have taken the time and effort you have put into downing Danny’s design into creating something of higher quality then you would be responding to this on your new i-pad.

    I say whats the next competition?

  • Alessandro

    I guess it will be no runners-up this time right?
    In that case I was waiting for it and I think I’m not the only one. Hey GrabCAD we really want to know the runners-up. If that can’t be, at least open a new post with poll or similar. I think we deserved it after all. You can’t open an international contest and no put it clear to its participants what happened on it. Let’s do GrabCAD more open and transparent to its users ;)
    It is my opinion and my feedback with good intentions, please don’t missunderstand this ;)

  • Siim Teller

    Guys, let’s keep the comments clean of bickering. We appreciate any kind of feedback and constructive criticism, that’s for sure.

    On the other news, I finally posted the runners up (Apologies that it took so long, moving my family back from Boston to Estonia proved to be a bigger undertaking than I expected.)

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  • Silvio

    I’m late.
    With a little tweaking I participated in the competition.
    Next I am inside.
    Me atrasei.
    Com um pouco de ajustes eu participava da competição.
    Na próxima estou dentro.

  • Dave Feathers

    All this is just hilarious. Want a real competition?… Try getting an actuall job in CAD right now. Speaking of… Amarok, send me the FEA work! And screw the extra machining on this part, it should be an aluminum casting. New additives in this field allows for high strength and light weight castings. Add in the fact that this mold could be printed in a Zcorp 310, poured in your garage, and finished out for a half day per part, and well… Amarok, send me the manufacturing work as well!
    I like the constructive criticism for sure, but this was a competition… and not a complete “to part” one at that… just a bunch of non FEA’d drawings, no gcode, no mold design, no sweat. (Though I did not enter). So just suck up the trash talk and try to understand the root context of the comments and grow the entirety. This is how we evolve as designers… I have done nothing but make actual parts from this CAD stuff so go ahead and tell me I don’t know shit!

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