Konica Minolta iPhone dock challenge results published! Winners chosen from over 160 unique design concepts

Konica Minolta 3D Scanning Labs launched an iPhone dock design challenge on GrabCAD a few weeks ago. With over 160 design concepts to choose from, it was a challenge for Michael Bernero of Konica Minolta labs to select winners. Nevertheless, the results are in!

Vincenzo, the first place winner, will be awarded $500 and have his model featured in episode 3 of Shape Lab 360. We’ll share that episode with you as soon as it comes out (see episode 2 here). 2nd-10th place winners collect varying amounts of prize money as well as Shape Lab 360 shirts. Congratulations to all participating engineers!

1st Place Toyota iBat by Vincenzo

Comments (from Konica Minolta): We admire the form of this dock for both location and minimal usage of material. Very innovative design.

2nd Place iPhone Holder by Mike Enayah

We appreciate the research and development put into this design, especially with regards to maximizing location on the dash.

3rd Place Franze iPhone Dock Concept by franze

We enjoy the unique shape of this dock and incorporation of our logo. Nice compact design.

4th Place iPhone Coral Holder by Steven Openshaw

We like the reference to details found elsewhere in the car. Interesting concept that could potentially hold additional objects.

5th Place iPhone dock by Theodoros Artzanidis

We like the simple lines used in the design of this dock. Compliments the dash well.

6th Place iPhone dock “The Final Cut” by Thomas Idebrant

We appreciate the rugged look to this dock. Nice lines and solid design as well.

7th Place Iphone style holder with cable slot by Alex

We enjoy the simplicity in this design, as well as the cutout to slide the connector in.

8th Place iPhone Dock for Konica Minolta Toyota Prius by Slavisa Todorovic

We like the sturdy design of this dock and how it integrates into the dash. Nice design.

9th Place Minolta Iphone holder by Tobias Mattsson

We enjoy the unique form of this dock and personalization on the front. Very stable design.

10th Place Konica Minolta iPhone dock for Toyota Prius by RF Design

We appreciate the clean look of this dock, as well as the attention to the lines on the dash. Great model.

  • William

    Nice work guys and congrat’z on your win

  • Ali

    Congratulations guys great work !