Introducing GrabCAD Workbench – Share CAD Files Securely In 3D

One thing we’ve heard from our community members over the last couple of years is that you love being able to view and share 3D models in the GrabCAD library but you’d like to be able to share in a more private setting.  Today we’re announcing GrabCAD Workbench to help you do just that.

Workbench screen shot

GrabCAD Workbench is a secure open engineering platform that allows you to upload any 3D model and share it with the people you choose.  It’s great for when a designer needs to share a model with someone in marketing, a project manager, a supply chain partner, or even another engineer who uses different CAD software.  If you’re taking screen shots, setting up FTP sites, or trying to email large files, you’ll love using Workbench instead.

  • Easy for you and for your partners – no software to download, nothing to install
  • Built for CAD – your partners can see the model right in their web browser
  • Keeps comments and content together – avoid the confusion that comes when emails are flying back and forth

GrabCAD Workbench is also integrated with GrabCAD’s mobile application, so you can receive status updates and see the latest model right on your iPhone or iPad.  You can see the full list of features here.

We’ve had Workbench in the hands of a select group of users for the last few months, and their feedback has been really great.  In general we’re hearing that people love being able to share CAD models with non-CAD users in a totally simple way.  We’ve also heard from users that Workbench makes it much easier for them to work with overseas manufacturers and supply chain partners. If you find Workbench helpful we hope you’ll let us know.

Workbench is in closed beta for now – you can sign up on the waiting list here.  We’ll be opening it up the public this summer, as well as announcing our pricing plans.  To give you a preview, we’ll offer a free plan, with a limit to the number of projects you can have.  For heavier users we’ll offer paid plans that include unlimited projects as well as additional features.

We’ll have further news about additional features, more details on pricing, and more stories from users over the coming months.  In the mean time, head on over to the Workbench signup page and get your name on the list!

  • Kfz-Schule

    I just noticed the new layout and this great new feature. I am a member in this community for nearly two years and you surprise me me once again! Thanks to the GrabCad team!


    nice :)

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  • gurudath

    engineering is all about understanding the physical world and come up with new innovative ideas for the betterment of isn’t that grabcad doing….
    glad that they came up with the idea of sharing CAD models at ease.i’m beyond lucky to be in grabcad.

    thank you grabcad team

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