Solid Edge Is First CAD System To Publish Directly to GrabCAD

GrabCAD users can now publish directly from Solid Edge to both the GrabCAD public Library and private Workbench projects.


We’re excited to announce that Solid Edge is the first CAD system that allows users to transfer their work directly to GrabCAD.  GrabCAD users are already using the GrabCAD Library to share their work with the world, and GrabCAD Workbench to share projects with trusted colleagues.  Now it’s even easier for them to transfer CAD files directly, simply by selecting “Publish to GrabCAD” in Solid Edge.  This capability is available as a Solid Edge plug-in starting in September.

In the near future users will be able to import models directly from GrabCAD into Solid Edge, making it even easier for engineers and designers to share and collaborate.

We’re thrilled that partners like Luxion and Siemens are helping to make it easy to share and collaborate using GrabCAD. Tweet if you like it and comment below if there are any additional tools you’d love to see integrated with GrabCAD!


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  • William

    Woooow yet again this is super awesome and I am sure only the start of bigger and better things as to being able to transfer data from your software to GrabCAD. First Keyshot now Solid Edge….

    What ever next……
    (( Auto desk software )) ???

    Great and exiting times GarbCAD to to all the hard work the team does behind the closed door…
    Keep it up!!!

  • WOW! This is super cool. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of the GrabCAD community. You guys are doing tremendous work making our lives easier. I can’t wait for all the engineering and design software to work seamlessly with GC. I wish I could have see the changes from the beginning of GrabCAD but I have seen HUGE changes and improvements in the little over year that I have been a part of this great community. Keep up the great work.

  • Vaansh Nanda


  • sagar saha

    WOW! This is great. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of the GrabCAD community. its really help us “Publish to GrabCAD” in Solid Edge…now its very easy to import model…. thanks….


    Interesante poder compartir ideas y conceptos

  • Lawrence

    Very good!

  • Kush Desai

    Woow SolidEdge …Love You …Most Powerfull CAD Tool

  • René

    Combine it with some basic PDM functionality (check-in, check-out, …) for workbench and it starts to get really interesting!

  • this is another great tool. bravo


  • masthan basha

    wow this is a great tool.

  • Yeah, great tool! But where can I download this add-in?

  • You can download the add-in from the GTAC in the Product Updates Area: \solid_edge\ST6\SEGrabCAD\
    Internet Explorer 10 is needed to run the add-in.

  • Edoardo Sartore

    I use SE till the version 8. Now I’m using ST5. You know that the new monitors are in 16:9. Dear sir, you have reduce the vertical space of the desktop, when you could insert the icons in vertical way. I stop here because there are others complaints, but I don’t want to be too polemic.

  • Mike Parsons

    Are we likely to see an update to ST8 to include this?