Solid Edge Is First CAD System To Publish Directly to GrabCAD

GrabCAD users can now publish directly from Solid Edge to both the GrabCAD public Library and private Workbench projects.


We’re excited to announce that Solid Edge is the first CAD system that allows users to transfer their work directly to GrabCAD.  GrabCAD users are already using the GrabCAD Library to share their work with the world, and GrabCAD Workbench to share projects with trusted colleagues.  Now it’s even easier for them to transfer CAD files directly, simply by selecting “Publish to GrabCAD” in Solid Edge.  This capability is available as a Solid Edge plug-in starting in September.

In the near future users will be able to import models directly from GrabCAD into Solid Edge, making it even easier for engineers and designers to share and collaborate.

We’re thrilled that partners like Luxion and Siemens are helping to make it easy to share and collaborate using GrabCAD. Tweet if you like it and comment below if there are any additional tools you’d love to see integrated with GrabCAD!


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