Your Android App Is Here – View Your 3D Models on any Android Device

For months one of the top requests from our community and from Workbench users has been an Android mobile app - and here it is! Head on over to Google Play Store to install. We know you’re eager, so go ahead, we’ll wait.

Mobile 3D model viewing on Android

Welcome, Android users! Ever since we launched our iOS app we’ve heard from you that you, too, want to break free from your desk and access your CAD models wherever you go. Like our iOS app, our Android app offers access to both our public library of CAD models as well as your private projects stored on GrabCAD Workbench. Using the app you can:

  • View CAD models in full 3D, regardless of the format they were created in
  • View and respond to comments that Workbench collaborators have made
  • Upload photos to a Workbench project

For the first time, Android users will have access to their 3D CAD models from their mobile devices. This app is a great fit for anyone who designs parts or works with those who do. With our app you can now:

  • Walk into a colleague’s office, take out your phone and show her the changes you made the part you’re designing
  • Take your tablet down to the shop floor to get the manufacturing engineer’s take on the design
  • Receive an update from your private Workbench project in your email, open the project on your phone, read the comments your collaborators have made and post your response, all while waiting for your flight to board
  • Show a client all of the different configurations for the design you’re proposing – and do so from your tablet while sitting in their office

We’ll continue to add features to our mobile apps - look for the ability to create pins, sketch on the model and other additions. In the meantime, enjoy your newfound freedom to share 3D CAD models from anywhere and please send us feedback, suggestions and stories of how mobile is helping you design and build great things!



Banner model rendering courtesy of Barbarian