Scott Adams – I Challenge you to a duel, Sir!

Today’s Dilbert was just one too many insults and therefore, Mr. Scott Adams, I must contact you.

For years you have been insulting my fair homeland of Estonia by heaping scorn on backwards “Elbonians”.  We all know who you’re really talking about, Scott, with your mockery of mud and huts and cold.

But today you went a step too far and mocked GrabCAD Challenges as well.

This, sir, cannot stand.  I, and my almost 1 million fellow GrabCADrs, demand satisfaction.

For years Dilbert has been a hero to us, toiling away amidst the madness.  Imagine the sadness of Estonian engineers, and now Estonian GrabCADrs, to see someone we respected, someone we loved, turn on us.  And for what, I ask you?  Intimidated by the ruggedness of the Tallinn crowd?  Perhaps the Finns have gotten to you?

It doesn’t matter, the gauntlet has been thrown!  I await your response.

-Your humble servant,

Hardi Meybaum


  • JK

    That seems very presumptuous of you, man.


  • Rainmaking

    Way to go for getting mad at comedians. Even mob bosses seems to know better.

  • Andrew

    I can’t wait to see how Mr. Adams responds

  • Jscr

    Does Estonia have a water problem?

  • Viktor Mets

    @Jscr, that’s the irony and insult – solving a water problem in Estonia! For everybody knows that Estonia is one of the most fresh water abundant countries in the world. I do agree that Mr. Adams has gone too far.
    We, the Estonians, demand an official apology or more jokes on Latvians and Lithuanians.

  • Arnie

    ”Pride is a fool’s fortress.”