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Business Insider: Big, Beautiful Pictures Of What The iPhone 6 Might Look Like

Engineers love to guess what other product developers will come up with next. There is no better example than the Apple following, which extends beyond engineers into the general public. There are major sites and journalists dedicated purely to predicting what Apple will come up with next, like It is no surprise that members of the GrabCAD community also participate in iPhone forecasting of their own.

iPhone 6 picture

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The Hardware Timeline of CAD

Many of you might not know it, but mechanical CAD can trace its roots to the 1950s. In 1957 Dr. Patrick Hanratty, sometimes referred to as the “Father of CAD”, developed the first numerical control manufacturing system. He later went on to license technology to United Computing and Intergraph (both now part of Siemens PLM), Computervision (now part of PTC) and many others.

History of CAD sketchpad - Courtesy of www.computerhisto​

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GrabCAD Tips: The Kernel, Why CAD Systems Don’t Play Well With Others

Quick, what kernel are you running?

If you answered that question immediately, this blog post isn’t for you. If like most CAD users you’ve heard the term “kernel” but aren’t sure what it is or why it’s important, keep reading.

the kernel: manufacturable shapes in a mathematical representation

In fact, if you’re like most CAD users, at some point you have struggled to import a CAD model created in a different CAD system. If so, you’ve run into a kernel problem. In that case, this blog post is definitely for you. Let’s start with the basics… Read the rest of this entry »