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A candid interview with the young GE Challenge finalist from Italy

Italian tech news site LineaEDP spoke with Andreas Anedda, the 7th place finisher in the big GrabCAD GE Challenge. The article makes a point of exploring how young talent in countries with struggling economies (like Italy) can take advantage of new movements like open engineering, new platforms like GrabCAD, and new technologies like 3D printing, to jump start their careers.

andreas anedda
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In their own words: the winners of the Lomography Design Challenge

Lomography wanted fresh accessory designs for their new Konstruktor camera. As the largest analogue photography community in the world, they were naturally drawn to collaborate with the largest community of designers and engineers in the world, GrabCAD! After a fun Design Challenge with 57 great entries – 3 winners were left standing. Hear how they approached their winning designs.

Al Dean winning design
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Interview with Chief Engineer of The Spaceship Company

I had an opportunity to interview Scott Ostrem, Chief Engineer at The Spaceship Company (TSC). Headquartered at Mojave Air and Space Port, The Spaceship Company is the aerospace production company, founded by Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites, which is building the world’s first fleet of commercial spaceships (SpaceShipTwos) and carrier aircraft (WhiteKnightTwos) intended to make regular, commercial, manned space travel a reality. TSC’s operations now stretch over 150,000 square feet in three separate facilities and its team has grown to over 145 individuals.


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Business Insider: Big, Beautiful Pictures Of What The iPhone 6 Might Look Like

Engineers love to guess what other product developers will come up with next. There is no better example than the Apple following, which extends beyond engineers into the general public. There are major sites and journalists dedicated purely to predicting what Apple will come up with next, like It is no surprise that members of the GrabCAD community also participate in iPhone forecasting of their own.

iPhone 6 picture

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Interview: what hardware developers can learn from software developers

Matthieu Lapeyre is a CAD guy who recently started a new project where he had to work closely with a software team. In the process, Matthieu learned that the tools and processes in the software world are more capable and evolved, because software engineers use tools written by software engineers for software engineers. In his search for a modern data management tool for mechanical design, Matthieu contacted GrabCAD and told us what he had learned from the software team.

Poppy Project Video

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Fusion 360 Key For Concept Design: An Interview With Aurel Estidial

One of the early adopters of the integration between Workbench and Fusion 360 is Aurel Estidial, creator of Microgeneration Concepts. The objective of Microgeneration Concepts is to design energy conversion systems for small scale power generation. Aurel is a huge advocate of open source projects so the open engineering capabilities of Workbench naturally caught his attention.


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