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10 ways GrabCADrs can increase productivity with Solid Edge

Guest post by Dan Staples, VP Mainstream Engineering, Siemens:

Did you know that Solid Edge was one of the first CAD systems to allow users to publish directly to the GrabCAD public library? How about that Solid Edge was also one of the first to be able to publish to private Workbench projects? Want to know something else? Here are 10 resources Solid Edge users can use to improve your skills and productivity.

Solid Mastermind Solid Edge Resource

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Challenge Results: Alex reveals “Eyes to Hear with” Easy to Manufacture CC Glasses

It’s been over a month since we first announced the challenge to create a set of glasses that display closed-captioning for a movie, and the results have been overwhelming! All twenty-eight entries we received were amazing, and when it came time to pick ten finalists, we chose them based on creativity, design, and the use of an app (powered by WiFi/Bluetooth technology) to transmit captions to the glasses.

CC Glasses by Anirban Ghosh for Eyes to Hear Challenge on GrabCAD

We’ve now ranked these ten finalists based on which are most parallel to our vision, and we’re now thrilled to announce the challenge winners! Read the rest of this entry »

Creaform Put Us to the Test Engineering Contest – And the Winner is…

GrabCAD is happy to share the announcement that one of our GrabCADrs took home the prize in the Creaform Put Us To the Test Contest! We’ll let them tell you all about the winner and the progress of his project. Congratulations to the winner and thank you again to all the participants who submitted work!

Catfish Back, Creaform 3D Put Us to the Test Contest Winner

With this contest, companies both big and small were invited to submit a 3D engineering project that truly challenged our experts! Participants had to submit a project they have always dreamed of so that WE could do the job. Indeed, Creaform would work on the winner’s project, the one he always dreamt of but couldn’t make into reality because of limited time, resources, technology means… Read the rest of this entry »

Guest Blogger JE Paz: Engineering < Design?

GrabCAD welcomes engineer and guest blogger JE Paz!

Most of the time people don’t fully appreciate the engineering in items they get when buying something. Only a few realize the amount of work put into the engineering process, all done to ensure it will work the right way.

For instance when looking at a building we tend to think about the architect who came up with overall design and colour scheme that makes a building stand out. What we don’t recognize is all the necessary engineering work to make it stand up.There are structural engineers who ensure that the building can withstand all kinds of loads from winds, earthquakes, snow, rain and even fires sometimes. Mechanical engineers are needed to provide trustworthy elevator systems and doors that will operate almost 24 hours a day. And then there are all the electrical engineers that design the wiring of the building facilities to ensure that the power will be cut in the case of a short circuit. The engineer mitigates all electrical fires, elevator malfunctions and structural failure of the building – lives are saved as a result. The architect’s job is to package it nicely, thinking as an artist would. An architect’s work has never saved a life, but sometimes it makes the city a nicer place to live.

Flashlight by Istvan Molnar


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