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The One True Part Number System

The debate around part number systems is often reduced to a pitched battle of absolutes, pitting the cold simplicity of the Generic Numbering Coalition (GNC), against the historically focused Confederacy of Intelligent Numbers (CIN). There’s no shortage of arguments about one approach over the other. But you don’t have to play that game; there are always other possibilities. Let’s understand why.

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No one wants to buy software. And they never did.

Theodore Levitt, a legendary professor of marketing at Harvard, once said: "People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole."

Drills or software, it doesn’t really make much of a difference. Companies don’t set out to acquire a piece of software, they set out to solve whatever problem keeps them up at night. If a CAD manager spends a couple of hours a day looking for files, chances are he’s going to look for something other than a naming convention.

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Intelligent Numbering: What’s the Great Part Number Debate?

What's in a part number? That which we call a part by any other number should assemble as easily? Every company struggles with defining part numbers. Should you use an intelligent numbering system that embeds important identifying information or go with easy-to-mange generic numbers? Choosing between these opposing methodologies might seem intimidating; solid arguments exist for either approach. Crowning a winner is not going to be constructive, but understanding how the underlying issues affect your company certainly will be.

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Is PLM Software Only for Big Guys?

Looking at the profile and size of engineering companies using PDM software, especially as advertised by mainstream PDM and PLM vendors, one might easily reach the conclusion that these systems are ideally suited for large organizations with sizable engineering teams designing complex, highly engineered products.

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