The 10 Best Schools to Study Design Around the World

Design affects everything we do and shapes how we experience the world as we know it, and design degrees cater to the diversity of this creative and wide ranging field. As part of your design degree, you will be encouraged to develop your own creative and unique design style, in whatever discipline that may be – ranging from web design and graphic design to product design and additive manufacturing. Read more

What We Know About the Upcoming Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is an automotive legend. It’s right up there with some of the greats, thanks to the legendary tuning capabilities of the 2JZ-GTE engine. In the right hands, the engine could be elevated to the point that it would go toe-to-toe with supercars. Then there was the A80’s chassis, which handled all that power with grace. Read more

For Hardware Entrepreneurs and Startups, What Opportunities and Benefits Do “Smart Manufacturing” and “Industry 4.0” Offer?

From the idea of interchangeable parts popularized in the United States by Eli Whitney for muskets and Henry Ford's mass production techniques to Japan's "kaizen" (continuous improvement) methodologies, and techniques like LEAN and AGILE, manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to improve – increase yields, shorten raw-materials-to-finished-product times, reduce waste, and more. Read more

Frozen Fuel Economy Standards Could Lead to Less Automotive Innovation

The Trump administration is following through with promises to cut back on vehicle fuel efficiency standards installed under the Obama administration, known as CAFE. The CAFE standards mean that by 2025 fuel efficiency for an automaker’s fleet will need to average 50 mpg. While ditching CAFE has excited a fair amount of performance enthusiasts, the fact is they and everyone else should be concerned about what could and likely will follow. Read more

15 Powerful Ways for Designers to be More Creative

Natural creativity is a lot of bull. Yes, some people may have more innate creative and artistic ability, but the truth is creativity is as much a skill as it is a natural talent. It’s something that must be practiced and developed. Unfortunately, even the most talented artists and designers find themselves struggling in this area. Read more