CAD Services marketplace launches and looking for Mechanical Engineers sign-up

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we are building a CAD services marketplace. The first orders are already coming in and we are very excited to have all the work done and completed by our great network of engineers.

Here are some examples of the projects we already have found engineers for:

Rendering and drafting for one Sauna project

Drafting work for construction project

Museum, with an underwater aquarium

Additionally, there are many different CAD services where you also could participate:

* CAD drafting based on 3D model

* Conversion from sketch to CAD

* Manual conversion between different CAD software

* CAD renderings based on CAD models

* 2D to 3D conversion

* Custom projects (we get a lot of interesting CAD related proposals)

If you are a student, freelance engineer or just looking for a side project to your day-to-day job, you can create a personal account and start building your profile and reputation.

If you already have an account and you are interested in doing CAD work, simply update your profile and add yourself as a supplier.

Go to your Profile on the left, click Edit, check "I would like to recieve CAD work".

Sign-up (it'll take only 20 seconds) and get a great opportunity to start earning money.