3D printing challenge – a lot of action about to happen

Not a week goes by without announcing some great news. This time it's all about your drawings and getting them printed out by some of the leading 3D printing service providers in the world. One big material-service-quality test is about to happen as 3D printing is hot, there are many players in the market and we simply want to see how the actual end results look like.

There is no catch. GrabCAD is going to try out 3D printers, the service and the quality of the outcome. All you have to do is upload your drawings by November 26th because we are going to pick the test models out of all shared files in the Library. The only tiny limitation is the size of the model - we prefer it to be 100x100x100 mm (4x4x4 in) or smaller than that.

3d printing challenge

In short, what you have to do:

  • upload models within the 100x100x100mm range into the Library
  • do that before November 26th 2010
  • check out other's models, comment and share opinions which ones you'd like to see in 3D
  • stay tuned for the Challenge updates because your drawing could be one of The Three announced on November 29th.

The best part of the challenge? If your drawing has been chosen as The One (or The Three as we are actually going to choose three models by different grabcadders) out of the Library, we will send the 3D model printed by the best printer to your mailbox before the end of the year. Cool, isn't it :)

You also have a say which drawings you'd like to see printed out. Take a look at the Library, pick some models that you like and leave your opinion in the comments. We will check out the discussions under the uploaded files to see which ones you like the most or generate tons of conversation.

And of course we are going to share a very detailed review of the competing service providers once the drawings have been chosen and the order processing comes to action. So stay tuned as the contest progresses, the 3D Printing Challenge is going to be awesome.