Figulo’s Ceramic Home Décor Objects challenge just got a whole lot sweeter!

Figulo has just released details behind the profit-sharing promised in their Ceramic Home Décor Objects challenge. Winner designers receive $50-$100 immediately then 50% (that's FIFTY percent!) of Figulo's markup for the first 6 months. That's a lot.

The winning designs will be sold on Figulo's online stores at Shapeways and Ponoko. On these stores, Figulo specifies the margin that they require for the piece. For example, if a ceramic piece costs $40, Figulo may request $7. So the final price for consumers will be $47. Figulo will then split this $7 50-50 with the designer of the piece- each receiving $3.50.

Figulo is founded to produce ceramic pieces and objects for consumers, architects and artists. The Figulo production process uses patented Three Dimensional Printing technology developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and advanced ceramic materials research and development to produce ceramic pieces.

The company leverages 16 years of experience in production of ceramics for industrial applications to enter the consumer, architectural and art markets.

GrabCAD is excited to offer our engineers this exciting opportunity. Take advantage-- the challenge ends in 17 days (March 16th)!