Creaform Put Us to the Test Engineering Contest – And the Winner is…

GrabCAD is happy to share the announcement that one of our GrabCADrs took home the prize in the Creaform Put Us To the Test Contest! We'll let them tell you all about the winner and the progress of his project. Congratulations to the winner and thank you again to all the participants who submitted work!

Catfish Back, Creaform 3D Put Us to the Test Contest Winner

With this contest, companies both big and small were invited to submit a 3D engineering project that truly challenged our experts! Participants had to submit a project they have always dreamed of so that WE could do the job. Indeed, Creaform would work on the winner’s project, the one he always dreamt of but couldn’t make into reality because of limited time, resources, technology means…

And the winner is…

Creaform is happy to report that the winner of $25,000 worth of Creaform 3D Engineering Services is… Cord Bauer, from Bauer Limited Production, for his Catfish race car prototype.

The Catfish Race Car Project

Bauer Limited Production has released a new car at the 2012 SEMA show. Opening of the molds for 1st production for the Catfish was planned for late winter/early spring.

They have a race version of the car underway, which has never been shown to the public. The design of this version is much more complex and requires the body not only to blend with the frame, but also for the race features to actually work as intended.

Catfish Front, Creaform 3D Put Us to the Test Contest Winner

The challenges for this project

• Blending a Rhino/SolidWorks body to a 2003 AutoCAD-based frame model that has not been updated to the most recent frame design;
• Matching body vents so that they clear the frame and integrate with the design, and work;
• Prove aerodynamics, inside the engine bay and outside the car;
• Confirm FEA structure of the frame.

What will Creaform be working on?

• FEA analysis on the car frame
• CFD analysis of car engine exterior