How to get started with GrabCAD Workbench

We love our members and want them to be successful with our products. So, we created a video on how to get started with our new tool, GrabCAD Workbench.

We love our customers!

What can you do with GrabCAD Workbench? Check out our updated feature list and watch this video on how to create your first project in Workbench so you can build better designs faster.


No CAD seat or software needed to view models

Anyone can immediately see and markup a CAD model right in their web browser - no downloads or installs.

Easy uploading and views for any file type

Upload a new project or new revision just by dragging one folder, without losing file structure. All major CAD file formats supported.

High quality feedback and instant notifications

Markup tools let viewers start conversations and create sketches right on the model. Team members see when others make suggestions, so they can respond more quickly.

Automatic revision control and version backup

Ensure that your partners are always working off the right version without spending time managing revisions. Keep an archive of all file level changes so you can be sure no one's work is ever lost.

Available anywhere you go with high security

Mobile application lets users work from anywhere and share models with those away from their desktop. 256-bit AES encrypted SSL and daily backups mean your files are safe.

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