GrabCAD is at 3D Printshow London 2013

3D Printshow has become one of London's most talked-about shows. Blending technology, art, design and medical applications with a live show that features music and fashion, it gives visitors a glimpse of the future, where 3D printing will be used across almost every industry. GrabCAD is happy to be part of this year's event which is live NOW!

Business Design Center London

Last month 3D Printshow London launched a GrabCAD community challenge calling for unique and functional household item designs that could be printed in 3D. After a month of incredible submissions, GrabCAD VP, Rob Stevens, announced the winner live at the event today.

Accelerating Product Development: How to make product development a team sport

Rob hosted one of the seminars today, kick-off day, called "Accelerating Product Development: How to make product development a team sport." He discussed how most companies don't treat product development like the team activity that it is. Companies should be drawing on the creativity of engaged customers and the ideas of outsiders, but instead engineers and designers operate in silos, cut off from the outside world. To change this, companies are embracing “Open Engineering”, a way of breaking down barriers and taking advantage of web-­based communities, knowledge and rapid prototyping tools to accelerate the design and manufacturing processes. Rob also discussed how 3D printing and other technologies are helping organizations open up their design process and build great products faster.

3D Printshow household product design challenge

GrabCAD and 3D Printshow partnered up to see what amazing concepts the community could come up with when asked to redesign a household item you wouldn't normally think to 3D print. Members were challenged to step out of their comfort zones and create "fresh, functional products that would surprise and delight anyone who takes pride in a well-designed home". The winner would get a VIP pass to 3D Printshow and have his or her design printed and put on display before the industry's finest.

As always, the GrabCADrs did not disappoint. Runners-up included a porcupine toothpick holder, a trash can that can be printed in a single piece, and a super chic espresso cup among many others.

Challenge winner announced

GrabCAD and 3D Printshow selected the SCURRI2 drainer by Antonio Pinfor™ as the big winner. The submission is a "dishwashing wringer with suction holder and drainage pipe" (and features some very slick rendering!).

3D Printshow Challenge

 You can follow the event action online with #3dps2013