Project Spotlight: Open source hardware and crowdfunding with FilaMaker

FilaMaker, led by Marek also known as GrabCADr Marcus, helps 3D printer users recycle and reuse their 3D prototyping materials. Learn more about his projects and you’ll see how the open source hardware movement and leaders like Marek are changing the way engineers work.

filamaker family by Marcus on GrabCAD and Facebook

Pictured: FilaMaker by Marcus on GrabCAD and Facebook

FilaMaker beginnings and backstory

Marek was born in Slovakia and moved to the Czech Republic before settling in Germany. Now, he has his own machine shop where he builds parts for balconies, railings, stairs and more. His tools of choice are SolidWorks and Geomagic Studio and his workshop is slowly transitioning from CNC toward more machinery production and easy mechanical machines. One of these projects, FilaMaker, took a lot of time and effort to produce, especially getting it crowdfunded to start mass production.

Video: How the FilaMaker functions. Read more and learn about its recent trip to MakerFaire Rome.


This year he started production of his open source mini shredders, which are a great tool for makers, laboratories, schools and more. Then, he went to Kenya to setup a solar cooker production and provide training to local people in mass production and different tools. This was an opportunity to build two more machines from his DIY open source series of machines. These tools would be very useful for them but they lack places and resources to buy them, so building them as a group was a better option and a great way to reinforce training. All of these open source machines are here on GrabCAD.

Video: Building guillotine shears from wood and steel during DIY projects in Kenya


There are many more open source projects to explore

protective casing for FilaMaker mini shredder Other Rendering By Marcus sheet metal guillotine shears ( wood-steel ) Rendering SolidWorks 2012 STEP / IGES Other By Marcus My DIY CNC milling plasma laser 3D printer machine Rendering SolidWorks 2012 STEP / IGES STL Other By Marcus Milling table for me DIY CNC milling machine Rendering SolidWorks 2010 SolidWorks 2012 STEP / IGES STL By Marcus DIY Plasma Cutting Torch SolidWorks 2012 STEP / IGES Rendering STL Other By Marcus sheet metal guillotine shears BSS 1000 blades Rendering SolidWorks 2012 STEP / IGES Other By Marcus Mini shredder Rendering STEP / IGES STL Other By Marcus Water plasma table for me DIY cnc SolidWorks 2012 STEP / IGES Rendering STL Other By Marcus DIY Shredder crusher chopper grinder Rendering Other By Marcus Mini plastic shredder grinder crusher Rendering SolidWorks 2012 STEP / IGES STL Other By Marcus


Open source has a home on GrabCAD

Overall Marek sees himself as more of a maker than an industrial designer. The open source hardware movement is his new direction because he understands that sharing knowledge is important for rapid development of technologies. And, he sees GrabCAD as a very important tool for open source movement where engineers, makers and students. It’s a place where they can share their CAD, ideas, and skills. But that is just one way to get involved in this new movement on GrabCAD. He likes the ideas you can find in Challenges and that you can crowdsource concepts. The Grabcad Library spares him many hours of modeling.

“Just imagine if each member of GrabCAD needed to draw [simple objects like] a light bulb when they need one. What a waste of time.” - Marek

Challenge entries by Marcus on GrabCAD

Pictured: Challenge entries by Marcus on GrabCAD


How to get involved and help the movement

For all of you who are reading this, he says, “If you know engineers or makers tell them about GrabCAD and don’t forget to share your knowledge, ideas or CAD.”

  • Invite your fellow makers, engineers, and designers to GrabCAD.

  • Follow Marcus and his open source machines.

We are so happy to be able to host and help leaders in the open source hardware movement, like Marek. Let us know if you have any other innovators you would like us to spotlight in the comments.