Rendering tips and tricks from KeyShot and GrabCAD

Many Workbench users and community members are designers, and we know you want your models to look awesome. So how can we help you do that?

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Join KeyShot and GrabCAD for the joint webinar How to share your designs like a BOSS. [Editor's note: The recording of this webinar is now available!]

In the webinar we’ll show you:

  • Common approaches to sharing designs - and their pitfalls
  • Tools that help your clients review your work while quickly and accurately giving you the feedback you need
  • How to create photorealistic Keyshot renderings of your GrabCAD models with only a few clicks
  • Best practices for presenting your models and rendering to your clients

While you anxiously wait for the live webinar with Q&A, check out some highlights from previous KeyShot and GrabCAD rendering posts.

Good Gets Better – Now You Can Import Directly From Workbench To KeyShot

With a GrabCAD Workbench project and an installation of KeyShot, you can begin creating renders of your models and share them on GrabCAD. In GrabCAD, you have the option from the model viewing area of your Workbench project in the upper right to ‘Open with KeyShot’.

How to win clients and master your design reviews

Clients are tough. They have a vision in their head that they struggle to share. They don’t really review your designs. They ask for view after view of your work until they can see the exact detail they need. Then, they send you changes which make you backtrack on your progress or even miss a deadline.

Tips of the Trade – Rendering Tricks

Rendering is easy to learn, yet tricky to master. There are lots of ways to render a design, and none are made the same. We gathered up a few of the best tutorial and answers on GrabCAD Tutorial section for the benefit of the community.

Thinking of trying out a different rendering software for the CyDesign Engine Rendering Challenge? Take a look at what others recommend. Thinking of getting a interior design scene to look a real as possible for a presentation? There are a few tutorials to help you out!

Quick Tip 26: Model Grouping in KeyShot

This quick tip video shows how to use Groups in the KeyShot Scene Tree allowing you the ability to add parts to groups for better selection and organization of your parts for rendering and animation.

keyshot render

Rappin’ about CAD and Rendering

And finally- our former Community Manager and friend Josh Mings posted on Solidsmack one of the funniest pieces of music ever heard by our ears. Music that really only GrabCAD would understand. Check these lyrics out. “I drew me a Rolex, so I looked the bomb/Threw in an exploded view and a BOM/My graphics card ain’t wack, I keep it real dude/My pimp cup’s blingin’ when I tweak the RealView.”