Grabby Tutorial: First, how do you make a tutorial on GrabCAD?

Grabby posted his first tutorial. He wants to help you get things done on GrabCAD. Where to start? He noticed that it wasn't clear how to post a tutorial. So, now there are some clear steps to create your own tutorial. Learn how to start your first tutorial, now.

How can Grabby the Bot help you?

Share Your Skills, Create a Tutorial on GrabCAD

Why should you post a tutorial?

Tutorials can help you give back to the community. Have you ever learned something through GrabCAD? Then, pay it forward and share your skills with others. Teaching others how to do something is a great way to brush up on those skills or really fortify them in your mind. They are also a great way to draw attention to you and your work.

When should you post a tutorial?

After you learn a new skill.
To build your engineering reputation.
Before you start a job search.
To connect with more members.
After someone asks a question on your model.

This is the first of many tutorials from Grabby. What would you like to know how to do next? Let him know in the comments.