New eBook from Tech-Clarity: How to Manage Multi-CAD Complexity

Jim Brown, Tech-Clarity's president, has a new report out that explores the challenges and realities of a multi-CAD environment, particularly if you're on a budget. The full report is available for free right here.

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Executive Summary

For some, implementing formal data management solutions is out of reach. But the risk and inefficiency of unmanaged design files is simply a bad idea. So what’s a company to do? The report explored options and suggested that taking a simpler approach makes a lot more sense than wishful thinking!

But the reality is that most companies have designs in a variety of CAD formats. Can a more basic approach still work? Or are companies with multi-CAD doomed to suffer through the resulting inefficiency and errors?

It's time to go back to our view of the basics and evaluate options.

Get the full report.