10 interesting CAD models from the last couple of weeks

Lots of impressive renderings this time around. Which one is your favorite?

GSwing multilink DGP front suspension by Gergõ Farkas

This Mercedes front suspension is luxurious and smooth. Gergõ did a great job rendering this model to represent the high-end quality of a Mercedes.

Sofa by Alper Kucuk

A sophisticated modern design with a beautiful rendering to complement it. The multiple textures make this model look realistic and chic.

R7S1 - Astomech droid - Configurator by Dape

Dape is at it again. Very impressive.

Mold for Forks | TRINOTA by Chris Luizzi

3D printable molds may be the first step to 3D manufacturing. It's cost effective and personalized.

Lykan hypersport by shahid aktar

This sleek render looks like it's out of a James Bond movie. Beautiful model by Shahid.

Tractor1500 by özcan özaltın

An original vintage piece by Özcan. This simple, yet detailed red tractor is one of a kind. I really like the racing stripes in the front as a twist to the basic red tractor.

Railway Signal Lamp by M.B.I

With great attention to detail, and I'm sure a lot of work, M.B.I really captured all the details in this Railways Signal Lamp.

Self-Clamping Wrench by Roland Schneider

What a great idea! This innovative self-clamping wrench is something we all needed a long time ago.

Escavator by Zijada Sejdinović

Zijada modeled and rendered this model so well it practically looks like a picture.


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