10 interesting CAD models from the last couple of weeks

As usual, there were tons of great models to choose from - all of which really show off everyones artistic eye wether it's rendering or creating a complex CAD file. Looking forward to see what else will pop up in my feed in the coming weeks.

Apartment in HCMC by Le Minh

This rendering delivers us into a crisp and modern space. An elegant apartment that calls for sophistication and class; fantastic angles and lines draw your eye exactly where they want you to go.

Clothing Iron by Lazar Flavius

Lazar has taken a futuristic take on the ordinary clothing iron to create a sharp new look.

Drum Beans Coffee Roaster on Grill by Dea

An innovative take on a coffee roaster. A great idea for a DIY project.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i by Faud Hasan Sabbir

One does not need a wider aperture to absorb this well crafted rendering of the canon camera and lens with sharp resolution.

Watch by George Turle

George was able to stop time with a beautiful rendering of his vintage watch.

Meteor 250 FPV Cruiser by Shane Anderson

The sleek symmetry and calculated design produce a beautiful machine. This craft may be intended to evade ones glance, but it will no doubt catch ones eye.

CapsulEgg by Jordi

Really thinking outside the box here, or should I say circle, Jordi's inspiration from a beach ball to create an outer shell to absorb the impact of the fall while protecting the egg was a success and an interesting description of how it all came together.

2JCAD Crossbow 5.0 by Jordane Julieno

This isn't your typical crossbow but rather a work of art. The wood grain is a great touch and pleasing to the eye.

Turbo_Fan_Jet_Engine by Goutam Das

It's amazing to see such a complex design replicated and 3D printed. The possibilities with 3D printing technologies are seemingly endless.

Project Jawa-CZ Kyvacka - The seventh assembly by Jawarmaniak

Jawamaniak did a fantastic job recreating this vintage Jawa motorcycle and even added a frame for a side car for more to enjoy.


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