Get Less Specific, GrabCAD Community Members

Hi GrabCAD Community Members!

Last week, we fixed an issue with the Library search function that we know has been bothering more than a few of you recently.

We've made it easier to search for your favorite models in the GrabCAD Community Library.

Previously, the function was limited to searching for models containing an exact phrase or text string, meaning query results included only those that matched the entire string exactly as it was written.

Now, with a few behind-the-curtain updates, GrabCAD Community members can now search for each word in a phrase individually.

Here’s an example: let’s say you tried searching the Library for “spindle bracket” models in the past, a pretty reasonable request, one could say. Trouble was, you would receive “0” results because all the spindle brackets in the Library had historically been labelled much more definitively. Had you instead tried, "spindle 80mm mount bracket,” bingo! You would have been in business.

Fast forward to today. Now with our enhanced Library search capability, when you search for “spindle bracket,” the results include all of the spindle brackets posted within the Community.

A small change, yes. But one members had been asking for. We listened.


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