Introducing GrabCAD Community Tutorial of the Week and Top Model Facebook Challenge

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the almost 3.7 million members of GrabCAD Community, it’s that you’re all really passionate about your CAD models.

Trophy model courtesy of GrabCAD Community member mayor.

Which is why we wanted to take a moment to tell you about a couple of cool new editorial features we’ll be rolling out this week to better highlight and showcase some of the coolest CAD models on GrabCAD Community - and the best tutorials to teach you how to create some of those models!

Starting next Wednesday, we’re going to begin highlighting one of the most popular and informative tutorials on GrabCAD Community each week. We’ll post them to our blog and on social media to bring more attention to the tutorial because we think it’s content that more Community members should see and enjoy.

Then, next Friday, we’ll be holding the first of our weekly Top Model challenges on Facebook.

The rules are pretty simple: we’ll post a picture of the two most popular models on GrabCAD Community that week to our Facebook page. If you think the model on the left is better than the model on the right you can “vote” on that one by hitting the Like button, or if you think the model on the right is better you “vote” on that one by hitting the Share button.

Whichever model receives the most votes on Facebook that week will be awarded the new Model of the Week badge and, of course, bragging rights over all your friends on GrabCAD Community!

We hope you’ll enjoy these new features as much as we enjoy bringing them to you!!!