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The cloud isn’t scary, is it?

Today we’re going to talk about why the cloud is great. It’s convenient, safe, and probably better than whatever you’ve got going on now. Even companies with the world to lose have come to the conclusion that “yeah, the cloud is the best way to achieve our goals.” Most people who object to the cloud have something to say about purported security vulnerabilities. If it feels like we’ve had this conversation before, it’s because we have. A couple of times, actually.

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The business of 3D printing: visibility, efficiency, and cost recovery

Writing about 3D printing’s potential is so easy. It’s objectively cool – design for additive manufacturing (DFAM), multicolor, printing on the International Space Station – all of it. Thing is, right now, printing doesn’t really need any more “cool.” What it needs is accountability. Not the illusion of accountability, but real accountability – the kind that comes from actual data behind each and every claim of machine performance.

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Click print

Just click print. Three words - a lifetime goal for anyone in the modern printing business. It literally crosses dimensions, and not in a vague science fiction way. Today we’re talking about 3D printing, but 15 years ago 2D printing was a giant hassle. Peter, Michael, and Samir’s enduring legacy isn’t for no reason. “PC load letter” was enough to drive anyone over the edge. Years from now it’s not unreasonable to think that a Michael Bolton facsimile will zero in on another cultural touchstone, this time with filament jams. Less paper. More filament. One more dimension.

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Our eleven most-read blog posts of 2015

No content manager on planet Earth would let December 31st slide on by without compiling a list of the year's most-read blog posts. Why? Because it's really easy to do? Maybe. Because it affords a built-in opportunity to consider the posts that resonated with our readers and what that means for the year ahead? Absolutely. Please enjoy the most-read posts of 2015 as determined (and arranged) by a seat-of-the-pants combination of page views and average time spent on page. Read the rest of this entry »

Crowdsourcing is not a threat to your engineering job

Engineers, in general, aren’t well known for their dispassion. Whether in person or on the internet, it’s not exactly unthinkable for one engineer to tell another that she is impossibly wrong. Not just kind of wrong, either. Spectacularly wrong. Phrenology wrong. Static universe wrong. Nobody really raises an eyebrow when they encounter two engineers yelling at each other in the hallway.

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The Easy Cheese 3D printer: heavily processed foods as an extrusion material

Did you see the easy cheese 3D printer that made the rounds last month? Of course you did, the video has almost a million views and appeared on just about every internet news outlet known to man. And that makes sense – pairing easy cheese and 3D printing is a match made in sharing heaven. Honestly, I wish I had thought of it. But I didn’t. Andrew Maxwell-Parish did. He also thought to strap a camera to his head and high five strangers. This is a man we should all know a bit better. And so I asked him a few questions.

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New report: Practical CAD collaboration for small design and engineering firms

Small design firms, freelancers, engineering consultants, and independent contractors play an important role in the engineering and design community. They’re part of our more collaborative world where ad-hoc teams come together as needed to staff up projects. These small firms need to iterate and collaborate when their virtual teams come together for a project or contract.

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Designing the perfect 3D printing curriculum

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you have at least a passing interest in 3D printing. I’m also willing to bet that you’d like to get better at it. But what kind of programs and information are out there to help you brush up your skills? Stick with me and I’ll not only set the scene for why it may be important for you to begin investigating a personal formal, informal, or combined learning program, I’ll also give you a leg up on the type of programs and content that's out there to help you.

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