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Specialty filaments for 3D printing are on the rise

If you own a desktop 3D printer, chances are you’ve shopped around and tested various plastic filaments from different suppliers. Each offers their own hue of color, tempting buyers with different shades and tones. While printing a household item in neon green or ultra-transparent purple may not go with your current kitchen décor, painting it is always an option. Everyone’s striving for more realism in their prints so it’s only natural that the market responded with an array of specialty filaments for either practical or aesthetic needs.

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The 3D printing career matrix

Navigating the 3D printing career path is combination of desire, experience, and skill choices. Don’t panic just yet – you’re probably way ahead of the curve already just by having an interest in 3D printing. Since the industry is constantly evolving, so are the choices. Let’s sit back and take a snapshot of what’s out there and how you can get started.

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When starting a 3D print lab, material choices matter

With additive manufacturing technology reducing in size and simplicity, your home garage could one day be the machine shop of tomorrow. We’re talking a micro factory! A 3D print lab where the mad scientist in you now has full spectrum dominance on every level, from design to production, in the comfort of your own home or small office. You’ll have total engineering and manufacturing synchronicity at your fingertips.

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